All about meditation – Part 2


In continuation to – All about meditation – Part 1

Swamiji has made it very Simple. You need not specifically do any preparation for starting meditation. It is not necessary to take a bath before meditation. There is no fixed time during the day and it can be done anytime as per convenience. There is no specific pose in which you are supposed to sit and you can be in a posture in which you are most comfortable, and can sit for a longer time without discomfort.

To start with, it is advised to –

  1. Have an image/picture of your “Isht Dev” in front of you. It could be anyone in whom one has faith or has been worshiping, It could even be your Guru.
  2. One can light a lamp (“jyot”) in front of the image and make it a focus point.
  3. Focusisng on the image/Jyot, one can start meditation and slowly close his/her eyes.
  4. Gradually one must try and concentrate towards the middle portion of both the eyes (where Bindi is normally applied)
  5. Any Mantra can be recited during the mediation (either given by your Guru or any other)

Initially, various thoughts shall surround you but consciously, you need to see and acknowledge that despite not wanting, these thoughts are coming and you need to see them as third person. Once you are able to view these extraneous thoughts as a third person, they shall gradually disappear and you will learn to concentrate.

Keep practising while increasing your time of meditation as you go on.

Once you are on to it, you will realise that you no more need any aids for meditation and you will be able to do it more often and for longer time period. Gradually you will start liking it and may even lose the sense of time while meditating.

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  1. I have realised nothing else matters in meditation other then Guru’s divine hand. Moment he blesses you, mind immediately becones calm and serene .
    One has to just wait patiently.

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