Swamiji says …

“You must learn to develop the habit of exercising self-restraint and self- control on yourself. Begin by taking small steps on the path that you can choose of ‘giving up’… ‘sacrificing’…
‘tyaag kar ne ka’… with implicit faith and determination.”

“Believe me when I say that there is a lot of power in the simple act of ‘giving up’ something for a certain period of time…or, maybe, for ever. It is possible for each one of you to make a beginning by ‘giving up’ something or the other for a span of time decided by you. It could be a simple thing…like not eating an egg on a particular day or not making rice an integral part of your diet on another day … not performing a ritual that you observe everyday otherwise … not combing your hair the number of times that you, maybe, comb everyday … not having ‘dal’ on a certain day or avoid using lemon in the same way that you had been doing previously. When you begin doing this you will definitely feel positive energy building up within you … a certainty, serenity and calmness make home in your mind…which, otherwise, constantly clamours for gratification of every desire of yours…and thoughts … pure, clear and clean… will start taking birth in your mind. Oppressive thoughts of depression and negativity will be a thing of the past. Tell yourself that you will be in a state of ‘maun’…silence your mind and tongue…for a fixed duration of time whenever you can. Rein in your senses,inwards, to know who you are…What is the purpose of your birth ? What is the mystery of life and death?”

“These acts of ‘tyaag’ might appear to be insignificant and meaningless but they have a wealth of significance behind them. Once you make these traits a part and parcel of your life and live a life based on such principles, you will get connected with the source of divine power within you .. discover the inner strength that you are blessed with in abundance, and will be pleasantly surprised to know that it is possible for you to control and conquer your senses and you will see that … ‘ashubh kaam bhi shubh ho jaate hain’ …”

“I am sure each one of you is capable of developing these skills of self-mastery.”


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  1. The ways of sacrifice as explained here, is possible, we should give it a try.
    Jai Swamiji.

  2. Practicing small things brings a big change in our life. Let’s start mastering ourselves as guided by Swamiji.
    Pranaam Gurudev 🙏🏻

  3. Very very true!! One can not become a rishi or yogi overnight…but these simple steps shown by Swamiji will definitely go a long way in spiritual path.
    The uncontrollable mind is a big conference to attain ‘moksh’. But practicing these simple looking ways are the stepping stones to lead progressive journey towards our goal.
    Practicing these simple restraints is a fun game too. At the same time they give us immense joy from within. Suddenly we realise that we are capable of sacrificing the big things without pressure or pain. That is the power of sacrificing small things in life.
    Swamiji is very kind to repair our minds and make us become like him.
    Koti koti pranams Swamiji!!

  4. Thank you Swamiji for enlightening all of us with an eye opening and self awakening message 🙏

  5. Om gurudevo namaha. It is sooo true to train our minds. It is not impossible, but it takes an effort and we need to take action n be determined to take an action, then only it is possible. Such beautiful preaching and enlightening message by our own guru for our welfare.lets all take first step of determination, then take an action on it. I am sure n confident that with his holy blessings we will be able to attain our goals to lead a beautiful, peaceful, progressive and simple lives. Let’s all keep away our stress and anxiety on one side and start working on the guidance given by swamiji. I am sure we will be relaxed n be on much better path. We are blessed to have Swamiji in our life who is always caring n sharing his beautiful thoughts that we can overcome our problems n achieve moksha n enlightenment. We all our connected to Guruji.because of a beautiful bonding with each other and his preachings how blessed are we,thanks to the creator n universe for such a bonding. Thank you Swamiji for such a Beautiful guidance. I shall definitely follow ur teachings n pass this wonderful teaching to others that they can also acquire the knowledge. Om gurudevo namaha

  6. Mastering the five senses is one of the toughest challenges posed in ones’s spiritual pursuit for which Swamiji has laid down a simple modus operandi. Adherence to these simple procedures would undoubtedly go a long way in generating positive energy which one needs in abundance today.
    Pranam Swamiji.

  7. Beautiful guidance, an eye opening and self awakening message 🙏🙏🙏 OM SWAMI AJAY GURUDEVAY NAMH:🙏🙏🙏

  8. Om Gurudevaya Namah!!! I remember Guruji’s life mantra… One should always watch his words while in company of other people and watch his thoughts while he’s alone.. Self discipline is the key for success…

  9. Simple yet so profound..!!! Much needed dose of wisdom by Swamiji 🙏🙏🙏.. Thank you again Swamiji for guiding us time to time with your teachings and blessings!!

    Tanu & Rajesh

  10. Jai guru dev ji,

    Yes we should have to self resist our senses, but it’s a very difficult and thanks to you tell us about to win over this…

  11. Yes indeed.
    Indrya nigrah increases our will power.
    A little effort is required in the beginning and it gives a lot of satisfaction immidiately thereafter.
    Ultimately we realize that the feel good factor is far superior after renunciation than after consummation.
    Jai Gurudev for educating us so effortlessly.

  12. Swamiji’s messages are profound and carry an immense power. I’ve felt the effect of renouncing small things like giving up a non-veg diet, tea etc. It somehow breaks our mental makeup, which hold us down and provides a new sense of joy and freedom. Thank you Swamiji for bringing these perals of wisdom to us. Humble and loving pranaams🌹🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼

    1. Control over the five senses is said to be the ultimate in one’s spiritual pursuit towards which Swamiji has provided a simple modus operandi. The positive energy that emanates from within , as a result, is what one needs in abundance today.. Thanks and Pranam Swamiji.

  13. Thank you Swamiji for sharing this beautiful message. I too stopped eating egg since 2 years and even if some people tell me to start again, I don’t feel like and found that I have strong determination. Thanks Guruji for your guidance and beautiful thought.🙏🙏

  14. Truly said Swamiji. I have personally experienced this. The satisfaction you feel when you are able to let go of a bad habit is unmatched by anything else.

  15. स्वामी जी ने त्याग की जो बारीकियां बताई है उन्हीं से जीवन में ऊचाईयाँ मिलती हैं।
    स्वामी जी प्रणाम।

  16. Always inspiring, Guruji is the strength behind sacrifice of each devotees.
    I bow in your lotus feet Swamiji

  17. Reading and hearing to Swamiji’s preachings itself gives me such abundance positivity from within, which in turn gives me the strength to follow them with utmost honesty….thank you Swamiji for reminding us again and again of such great values and their importance in life….I’m grateful to God to have got you as my Guruji…..koti koti Pranam Swamiji…

  18. Exercising self restraint on our senses and developing a habit of sacrifice are the ultimate towards attaining the so called MOKSHA. Although it may not look easy to achieve it, one should start practising it. With Swamyji’s blessings, we will definitely succeed on one day.

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