‘ ‘ध्यान’ – ‘तन’ और ‘मन’ से ही नहीं, ‘आत्मा’ से भी करना चाहिए।’

' 'Dhyan' - kewal 'tann' aur 'mann' se hi nahi , 'atman' se bhi karna chahiye …' Swamiji said … “Once, on being faced with the question - 'Tum tedhe kyun khade hote ho?' 'तुम टेढ़े क्यों खड़े होते हो?' - Lord Krishna, answered in his usual mischievous manner, 'Main toh aisa hi hoon !... Continue Reading →

Swamiji’s Sandesh… – ” ‘शिखर’ पर विजय पा कर भी ‘कृतज्ञ’ रहो, ‘विनम्र’ रहो।”

'Shikhar' par vijay paa kar bhi 'kritgya' raho, 'vinamra' raho…' Swamiji said… "The emotions of happiness and elation, the surge of excitement that courses through our heart and mind on achieving the unattainable; on scaling the unconquerable; on breaking the glass ceiling; on fulfilling our dreams is indescribable. Praiseworthy are those who are finally able... Continue Reading →

“अपने ‘कर्तव्य’ और ‘धर्म’ को निभा कर ही मनुष्‍य अपने ‘भविष्‍य’ को बेहतर बना सकता है …”

Swamiji said … “भविष्य को किसने देखा है। ” - Who among us has seen the future? None of us. Yet, we, who are mere puppets in the hands of our Creator ; alive, only till the moment He wishes us to be, continue to derive great pleasure in making end number of plans for... Continue Reading →

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