Swamiji says… 6.0

You must remember that the only thing permanent in this world is change. Things do not and cannot remain the same. Seasons change and you prepare yourself accordingly for the different moods of the four seasons. The freezing winter, sunny spring, sweltering summer and amazing autumn… each season varies vastly in every possible way, but... Continue Reading →

Swamiji says… 5.0

Swamiji often expresses His grave concern on the increasing number of suicides amongst people... especially youngsters, these days. It saddens Him deeply. He says: जीना मुश्किल है और मरना आसान है। इंसान को किसी भी कठिनाई से घबराना नहीं चाहिए। जो कठिनाई देता है वह खुद कठिनाई से निकलने का रास्ता भी दिखाता है। अपने... Continue Reading →

Blessings and Support

Dedicated to Swamiji: I have been visiting Swamiji with my family for a few years now and with His blessings and support, I feel like a better individual every time I go. His divine presence and aura of His Darbar is really calming and gives me strength to deal with all the difficulties in life.... Continue Reading →

Guru – The saviour.

I was destined to meet His holiness Swami Ajay Jain in 1998 when I was 25.  I was born and raised in Chennai.  After my degree, I came to Delhi to start my career.  Like others, I too at this age, had lot of material expectations in terms of job, money, status, family, future, which... Continue Reading →

जीवन की अनुभूति

सुख दुःख जीवन के दो पहलू है । सुख का समय जल्दी बीत जाता है । मानसिक पीड़ा व शारिरिक कष्ट के समय अगर सद्गुरु का सहारा है तो परेशानियों का दौर भी आराम से निकल जाता है । सद्गुरु की कृपा व आशीर्वाद हम पर सदा बनी रहे । गुरुकृपा समस्त कष्ट व कभी... Continue Reading →

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