Guru – The saviour.

I was destined to meet His holiness Swami Ajay Jain in 1998 when I was 25.  I was born and raised in Chennai.  After my degree, I came to Delhi to start my career.  Like others, I too at this age, had lot of material expectations in terms of job, money, status, family, future, which forced me to succumb under domestic pressure and comfortably ignore the almighty.

With many unanswered questions I went to meet Swamiji in person for the first time.  However, when I entered his Durbar, I forgot everything. I was totally captivated by His aura and felt inexplicable bliss. I was only focusing on His speech and messages to other assembled devotees. Slowly He turned and waived for me to go near Him. I was really nervous but still maintained my composure and went and sat near Him. He asked my name, details and slowly made me feel comfortable. When He heard that I’m a Sai devotee, he asked me to sing some Sai Bhajans.  After singing few bhajans, I felt my nervousness disappearing.  He blessed me by keeping His palms over my head and said “Khub Khush Raho” – Be happy always…  When I started back home, I couldn’t express happiness I was feeling… all I know is that I was filled with His thoughts. Again and again, I was reliving the moments I spent with His holiness. I felt some sort of assurance, that all my questions will be answered in due course. That was when I completely put my faith in His holiness Swami Ajay Jain!

From there on, I became a regular visitor to His durbar on Sunday’s. Not a single Sunday passed by when I missed to meet and seek His blessings. I now had only one agenda and that was to obtain wisdom.. to get more clarity. Weeks passed and Swamiji shared the “Guru Mantra” and asked me to meditate on it.  My meditation became intense and I started witnessing changes in my body as well as in my surroundings. I was put through various tests by Swamiji, of which I cleared a few and failed a few. All those failures revealed that I still have a long way to go. Slowly all my initial questions started getting answered as I grew professionally and personally. God appeared in various forms in my dreams.

One significant miracle I would like to cite here for everyone to read… 

I had a dream:  My mother is in hospital in a critical state, doctors and nurses are monitoring her closely. My father is sitting outside and my aunt is also present. I’m coming down to have a cup of tea.  Suddenly my aunt calls out to me and says that my mother is extremely critical and tells me to seek her blessings before she passes away.  I climb upstairs as fast as I can and approach my mother. When I am about to touch her feet, my clothes turn saffron, my hands raise to bless my mother and suddenly she folds both her hands and bows to me. I woke up suddenly and realised my body was totally shaking and there was pain in my back. I had a glass of water, lied down and tried to recollect the entire sequence while my body continued to tremble. Not sure when I slept thereafter. Next day, I woke up and narrated the entire sequence to Swamiji. After listening to whole story, Swamiji paused for a minute and then said that He saved my mother from death. He said that my mother’s life got extended by another 15 – 20 years.  I realized it was Swamiji who had come to me mystically, when my clothes had turned saffron and it was Him who had blessed my mother through me. Next day (Tuesday) I called up my mother (who lives in Chennai) to ask about her well-being and got to know that she is fine and everything is normal. I never discussed the dream with my family back then. Lots of questions about why I had that dream, the response from Swamiji and the experience my whole body went through, arose in my head. Not dwelling too much on it, I continued to work and meditate. A week passed, I called my parents and was shocked to hear what they shared – On Friday afternoon, when no one was around, my mother had poured acid to clean the toilet. Within a minute, upon inhaling fumes released by acid, my mother started coughing uncontrollably. Somehow with the support of the wall she walked out slowly and sat on the couch in living room. She sat for couple of hours struggling with cough and giddiness till she gained some composure. When my father returned home from office, she narrated the incident. He immediately rushed her to the doctor’s clinic. Doctor examined her completely and said that she was lucky to have survived. He gave her medicines to clear the respiratory system. She narrated the entire story to me and said she’s feeling fine since Saturday. I was shocked beyond belief when I heard the complete story. I could then connect my dream with this incident. With teary eyes, I bowed to His holiness to accept my gratitude for ensuring my mother is alive and safe. Words and pages are not enough to narrate such incidents and miracles!

At present I’m living in Houston, happily married, with a son.  I hold the position of Associate Vice President in a reputed firm and I’m doing very well professionally. All the expectations I had when I was 25 years of age were accomplished eventually. It’s been 20 years now and I know it would have not been possible without Guru’s grace. Even though we are miles apart, I make sure I visit Swamiji once a year on 23rdOctober to seek his blessings. “Guru bina gyaan nahi” is indeed true! He keeps guiding and blessing us every step of the way!

by : Kalyan

Houston | 24 September’ 2018

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  1. शाश्वत सत्य बताया आपने, स्वामीजी की महिमा,प्यार व आशीर्वाद अपरम्पार है ।

  2. It is hair raising experience. His Grace on His devotees has no boundaries. We are so fortunate to have Him with us, around us all the time.

  3. We are all privileged to be Swamiji’s devotees who always showers his blessings.

    🙏🙏🙏ॐ स्वामीजी श्री अजय गुरूदेवाऐ नम: 🙏🙏🙏

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