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Brief Life Story of Swami Ajay Jain Ji

Shri P.D. Jain & Shrimati Maya Devi once lived in Karol Bagh in New Delhi. A simple & religious couple, they were blessed with seven children. One of them being “Ajay”. The great Soul Swami Ajay was born on 23rd October’ 1958, as the youngest son of the Jains. Swami Ajay is the sixth child in the family. A glowing child, he was naughty and energetic like other children in his age group. He loved pets, especially rabbits. He enjoyed running after them, taking them into his lap, and patting them affectionately.

At the age of five, he started going to school. Fifteen days later, one summer afternoon, while it was raining heavily, he developed a severe headache while returning from school. He told his parents about his discomfort. They did not take it as something serious and gave him a tablet of aspirin& made him lie down in the bed. However, headache troubled him throughout the night. In the morning when he got up, he could not lift his leg. He was then taken to hospital where he was diagnosed suffering with Polio. When he was given injection, his whole body got paralysed and he could not move at all. A five year old child, who was full of energy till yesterday, was now bed ridden. His father, an honest & dedicated official in government service, had a large family of seven to support. It was very difficult for him to give Ajay an expensive treatment. Ajay was kept in government hospital for 22 days. At that time, his parents were in financial strain. The child was in agony as he could not move his limbs. On being discharged from the hospital, the treatment continued at home. He was given daily massage & medicines. Ajay was then passing his days in pain & loneliness.

He saw children of his age running, playing & merry making whereas his world was frozen near a window. He was totally withdrawn to himself. Two months passed like this. One day, while he peeped out of the window, he saw a very handsome man appearing before him in beautiful red attire. His illuminated face and the halo around him fascinated Ajay. He told Ajay that he was Lord Ram & blessed him. Ajay had heard the name of Lord Ram at home. He kept looking at him, absorbed in His glow. When Ajay collected himself and wished to talk to him, Lord Ram was not to be seen. Ajay was then five and a half year’s old. He had already begun to feel detached from his worldly existence. He wanted to talk to Lord Ram & wished to have his photograph. But he could find only the picture of Lord Mahavir hanging on the wall of his house.

Ajay was immobile & lonely. He would look at the picture of Lord Mahavir and talked to Him. The questions which often came to his mind were: “What is the mystery of life & death?”; “Why are we born?”; “Where do we go after death?” These questions kept him mentally pre-occupied.

Slowly, Ajay could move his limbs and hands. By the age of eight, he could walk again, though with difficulty. He passed these childhood days in total loneliness while the other children would play and enjoy themselves. He would often think of God, life & death, and about other lofty matters concerning meta physics. Now, that he could walk, though with difficulty, elders sent him to the school despite his reluctance. He could not concentrate on his studies and other school activities. The parents were naturally worried about his future. Little did they know that Ajay would one day become a source of supreme knowledge and that even learned persons would feel privileged and honoured to sit at his feet. His parents were of course not aware of Ajay’s spiritual learnings as he never talked about his Bhakti and love for God to anyone.

Ajay’s mind was always absorbed in Lord Mahavir. He was trying to understand the deeper meaning of life, far beyond the mundane teachings at school. Of course, he could hardly play with children or be friendly with them. Some boys used to tease him and make fun of him. They would push him and laugh when he fell down. Many times he got injured because of their mischievous conduct. Still he never lost his temper and forgave them as the ignorant children of the Lord.

While at home, he would be all by himself, meditating. He would sit for hours thinking of serious questions. He liked to be alone. When he sat in meditation, he saw lights, sometimes very bright lights in front of his eyes. Sometimes, the whole room used to get illuminated with lights. He did not know the meaning of lights but he liked them. Sometimes, he would try to play with the lights. In the school or at home, sometimes he used to smell sweet fragrance. When he told his classmates about the fragrance, they used to laugh at him. They would call him a mad boy. Little did they know that Ajay smelled a divine fragrance. At the age of 13, his kundalini got awakened. He did not know what was happening to him. He felt severe pain in the back and strange sensations in the whole body. In sheer desperation, he called for help from Lord Mahavir. His prayers were heard and Lord Mahavir appeared before him. And now, Ajay, the Swami, was overwhelmed with emotions and wanted to touch his feet but could not do so. Lord Mahavir kept his hand on Swami Ajay’s head and shoulders. Ajay felt a cool and sublime feeling. Then Lord Mahavir whispered into his ears telling all about the inner meaning of lights which he had been viewing in his meditation. He guided him in his spiritual search and advised him not to be afraid of the difficulties in this path. Lord Mahavir said that he would always be with Ajay and shall guide him throughout his life. He stayed with Ajay for some time. He held the right hand little finger of Ajay and told him to use it for applying tilak on foreheads of others. He also gave him a few lessons:

Never get attracted towards worldly pleasures as they hinder spiritual progress; The world is Maya, People run after worldly things for happiness but these things never give real happiness. To get rid of the cycle of life and death, one has to do right actions as well as purify one’s soul through devotion, Bhakti and love of God. The body and soul are separate entities in the spiritual path. The soul gets uplifted and purified but the body has to bear the brunt of past actions.

He also told Ajay to go deeper and deeper into meditation. This advice meant a lot to Ajay. He started devoting more and more time to meditation. Sometimes he used to be so absorbed in God that he even used to forget to eat anything the whole day. This made him weak. Moreover, changes in his body because of awakening of Kundalini were also visible. He had no guide or Guru to lead him in his spiritual quest except God himself. He would call Him but God would take months to come. But Ajay did not allow himself to be disturbed or disheartened. He was never angry with God for all the pain and physical anxieties resulting from the delay in getting prompt response from Him. He loved God intensely and invariable attributed God’s slow response to his own inadequacies in love, devotion and Bhakti. He reflected deeply and sooner or later the response would come. Lord Mahavir himself would thus further guide him. Sometimes Ajay would see a very bright light emanating from the eyes of the idol in front of him. In underwent several experiences and some of the experiences are enumerated below:

Once he felt that he was hurt and bleeding. After 2 days, he fell down from the stairs and got a sharp cut on his leg.

He lost his new geometry box in the school. He felt sad when he did not find it in his bag after returning from school. After sometime, he put his hand inside the bag for taking out something and felt that the geometry box was there. But when he wanted to take it out, it just disappeared. Then he knew that he would get it back. Next day when he returned to school, a boy returned his geometry box.


He had a dream that the school would remain closed the next day. He was planning not to go to school but was sent by his parents. When he reached there, the school was closed on account of death of someone. He had a dream in which a saint appeared and told him that there would be lots of troubles and difficulties in his home for one month. The saint told him not to be afraid of the problems at home. After that, his father met with an accident. is brother also got hurt. Other members of the family fell sick. But everything became all right in a month’s time.

He could see the face of the person coming home to meet him much in advance. This way, he knew about several events in advance. With his experience, he also came to know that dreams had meaning in the spiritual sphere. Rather, they are a mode of communication of God to convey the message of coming events.

Ajay Swami soon left his studies. He had now all the time to devote to meditation. He meditated for hours together. Sometimes he would sit for the whole night and would not know how the night passed. He virtually lost all sense of time. No wonder his night was his day and day his night, when he would rest and sleep for some time. During this period, he did not know from where some Saints would come and guide him. He had many spiritual experiences; God in various forms appeared before him. Goddess Durga, Lord Krishna, Guru Nanak, Jesus Christ, Hanuman, Ganesha and many others came and blessed him.

While Ajay Swami was on his spiritual path, as a by-product, he acquired various cosmic powers which were evident in very small anecdotes. For example, once in the peak afternoon, when sun what at its brightest mark and there was scorching heat all around, Swami Ajay told his family members – “Should I call rain?” The natural response of the members was – “Are you joking?” and in minutes, to everyone’s surprise, the bright sky turned black and it started raining heavily. After about half an hour, the weather resumed its sunshine. By this time, it was like anything uttered by Swami Ajay, by default, used to turn into reality.

One day Ajay was feeling a bit sad. He was upset and was feeling lonely. No one was at home. Lord Mahavir appeared before him. He held his finger and took Ajay’s astral body along with him to heaven. He found that heaven was like nectar. God could appear in any form and take birth on the earth for the welfare of the mankind. Swami Ajay did not want to come back from the Heaven There was all happiness and no misery. Lord Mahavir however gently tapped his head with his thumb and he found himself in his body. He saw that he had been away from his body for few hours. Later he had a glimpse of the hell as well. One morning around 10:30 AM, Goddess Durga appeared before him. She told him that the world was nothing but hell. She waived her hand and Swami Ajay found himself at a place where corpuses were burning all over. The place was stinking. Swami Ajay felt very sick and vomited. Suddenly all over and he found himself back in his room. He thought the world was nothing but hell and that it was better to be engrossed in God. He was lying in his bed still feeling sick, when Goddess Durga again appeared smiling, she blessed him. He went to sleep and got up only in the evening. It was a very sweet and deep sleep.

One day, sitting in his room, he started repeating the Mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” of his own. Then onwards, he started repeating this mantra, meditating on Lord Shiva. After a few days, a snake started coming him who would wrap around his body. Swami Ajay was not afraid. He saw lots of Snakes in meditation too. Later he had visions of Lord Shiva. Swami Ajay soon started having pain in the heart region. He sometimes felt that his chest would tear apart. One day, when he was sitting in his room, he had a severe pain in his heart and then he saw that his soul got separated from his body. He felt very light thereafter. The soul could move fast and he could see his body lying there. He thought that he was dead when Lord Shiva appeared, smiling. He felt his soul getting mingled with Lord Shiva and then he saw his soul entering back in his body. He was now fully conscious and knew what had happened. He felt that he had been dead for 15 minutes. He had seen his soul and he had recognised himself. The question “Who am I?” was answered. He understood that there is no split between the God and his own soul. He is a part of the Almighty himself. God is nowhere but within Him. One does not have to search Him outside, but within oneself. “You are nothing but Him”.

He had several spiritual experiences. He had by then searched the zenith of spiritualism, leading to Zero state of blankness. All the five elements viz. fire, water, air, sky and earth appeared to be passing through his body. He understood that his gross body was formed out of the five elements, which would split after death. However, his soul was in unison with the Cosmos. This experience gave him a lot of body ache. The body on death splits into these five elements whereas the soul is set free from the body. The soul takes another body in accordance with past actions. After death, the soul is loose for 72 hours during which all good and bad actions appear like a film, before it goes to another sphere or takes another human form. Those who do Bhakti in their life and realise the self, do not take birth again. Their soul gets united with the Almighty (God), attaining Moksha, like a river submerging in the sea. For such people, the soul remains free only for few seconds before mingling with God. In fact a person’s actions, karmas, get better if Bhakti in life increases and the waiting period of the soul for the next destination decreases and accordingly, the person takes birth.

Swami Ajay feels that for self-realisation, the separation of soul and the body is essential. There is no ego left in the person. The “I” is dead, everything is He; one remains in bliss; no anger, no illusion and one lives for the good of others.

The realisation then comes that the world is nothing but Maya. Human beings are caught in Maya, like fish by fisherman. Some come in the net and get entangled. Few never get caught. We think that the universe is what our five senses of the body are showing us to be. But it is not so. We are actually caught in our body like a parrot in a cage, which starts thinking the cage to be the whole universe. We have to come out of our five senses.

We have to see within us to know what we actually are. When we meditate and love God, wrong habits start leaving us and good qualities take their place. The soul’s inherent quality is purity, but bad karmas of the past life make it impure and dirty like deposits of moss on still water.

“You have to clean it by Bhakti, meditation and love of God. Then the light of your soul will shine and you will be able to see God in it”, stated Swami Ajay.

Swamiji says that as the disciple progresses in his spiritual quest like his Guru, he too undergoes the same sought of spiritual experiences.

Swami Ajay lives in a family, with his parents earlier and now with his brothers and nephews. He loves children. He wears clothes like an ordinary person and looks like any one of us except for his glowing face, which reflects his inner peace and bliss. One looks at him and one knows what kindness and spiritual powers he possesses.

A very important fact is that all the knowledge that Swamiji has is practical knowledge. He had not read a single book on the subject of spiritualism or philosophy.

From his childhood he has suffered from several headaches. But when asked why he gets them, he always replies that headaches are a boon from God. He never considers them a suffering. He hardly sleeps for about two hours in the night but he is fresh the whole day. He remains absorbed in the self in the night and is generally beyond this materialistic world. At that time, he does good for his disciples and others by his divine powers. He watches the whole world and sends his divine vibrations and thoughts in the meditation for its benefits. Sometimes at night he experiences God in absolute form within himself. He feels that the whole universe, with everything in it, exists in him. He loves all his disciples intensely.

Swami Ajay is at present engaged in the upliftment and welfare of those who come to him. He does not like publicity but those who come to him are benefitted. They tell others and others tell many more. Like this there are numerous people who come to him. All are relieved of their miseries and are also uplifted spiritually. He does not like to build ashram and take donations from others. He strongly feels against it. He says, “All the Jain Thirtankar and Buddha, were rich having their kingdom, but they left everything for gaining spiritual knowledge and to attain self-actualisation.”

Swamiji is full of love and compassion. He has strange ways of healing others. The rituals which he asks his devotees to perform for the healing effect also invariable involve donations to the poor or providing food and other essentials to various living beings. With his selfless intent and pure divine powers, he has even treated various deadly diseases which even the super specialist doctors failed to.

With age and over the years, Swamiji’s health has been deteriorating and he is on medication most of the times. Still he does not fail to discharge his self-defined duty of healing the miseries of his devotees. From health problems to professional swings to family disputes, there is no area which has remained untouched by Swamiji’s grace. His charisma coupled with simplicity attracts people from all over the world, spanning across religions, demographics, professions and from all strata’s of society. People love him as their mother, father, guru, mentor and guide and surrender themselves to Swamiji who takes care of them every moment.

His mission is to spread love and relieve people of their agonies and guide them achieve the ultimate goal viz. self-actualisation.

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