” ‘आध्यात्मिक’ ज्ञान प्राप्त करने के लिए भी स्वयं को तैयार करना चाहिए…”

Swamiji said… "If someone were to ask us - 'How well prepared are you to tread the spiritual path?' - we would most likely give him a puzzled look and wonder about the peculiarity of such a question.However, serious reflection on it, would reveal the sobering truth underlying this relevant, pertinent question. The never ending... Continue Reading →

” ‘कर्म’ करो, ‘फल’ की इच्छा मत करो।”

Swamiji said … " हमारा जीवन हमारी 'कर्मभूमि' हैऔर हमारे 'कर्म' हमेशा याद रखे जाते हैं।' This world that we take birth in is our ‘कर्मभूमि’ - 'karmbhoomi' - where the soul performs various good' deeds, using the body that it inhabits, in the hope of freeing itself from the cycle of rebirth.Yet, we, remain... Continue Reading →

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