” There is a great difference between observing rituals and walking the spiritual path. Your aim should be to transition from a life steeped in rituals onto the path of spirituality – the only True path.”

Swamiji says … " Our faith , our religion is determined the very moment we are born and it plays a very important role in influencing us and evolving us into individual personalities as we grow. The prayers said and sung by our family members in praise of God ; the manner in which the... Continue Reading →

“Pride, arrogance and narcissism can bring about one’s downfall, whereas humility and self – respect take one closer to God….Abhimaan, patan ki oar le jaata hai, aur swabhimaan parmatma ki oar le jaata hai…”

Swamiji says … “‘Pride, arrogance, an inflated ego… 'I' 'me' , 'myself'… A superior attitude…'Who can be better than me?' 'I am the best !' 'There are none compared to me.' One can sing these words of self - glorification for hours on end. Yet these same words - that look good printed on paper,... Continue Reading →

“At times, too much money and too many material possessions can wean you away from God and your ‘Guru’. Don’t let the glitz and glamour that comes along with excessive wealth distract you and entrap you.”

Swamiji says … "Man, undoubtedly, is God's most fascinating creation; creative, competitive and combative. The world has witnessed , time and time again , amazing rags-to-riches stories of how men with burning ambition, complemented by their intelligence, business acumen and innovative ideas, were successful in turning around their fate and destiny , and established huge... Continue Reading →

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