Treasure Divine – The Book

A collection of experiences of Swamiji’s devotees!


10 thoughts on “Treasure Divine – The Book

  1. A must read…you’ll read it again n again…u’ll smile, you’ll cry as you go through and also feel as to why you took so much time in meeting this divine soul.


  2. It is amazing how people of from such varied backgrounds share one and the same feeling for guruji which is that of love and gratitude. This is an exceptional collection of experiences and a must read.


  3. A must Read… will lead to must Meet and seek Grace 🙂
    Words cannot aptly describe – its an experience that must be felt individually … Truly blessed are those who got that opportunity. Wishing others too the same opportunity.


  4. This book is example of Truth and Devotion.
    The experiences penned by devotees are facts and full of unimaginable “The real Truth” and achievements earned by them in association of Reverend Swamiji Shri Ajay Jain Ji.
    Spirituality and Materialisam travel together with ease at the Lotus feet of His Holiness Swamiji Shri Ajay Jain Ji.
    Any indivdual can feel the charisma of blessings by reading this book.


  5. It is so elevating reading all the devotees experiences with swamiji. It is like doing a paraayan of the ‘ shirdi sai charitra ‘ or the ‘Guru charitra’ .


  6. Inspiring and elevating… Lucky and blessed to have him as my guide. As I read along, I can cherish all my spiritual experiences similar to those mentioned by the devotees… I stay miles apart but always connected with him by heart… All hail His Holiness Swami Ajay Jain ji…


  7. गुरू वो नहीं देते जो हमें अच्छा लगता है,
    बल्कि गुरू हमें वो प्रदान करते है जो कि हमारे लिये अच्छा होता है ।


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