Swami ji’s Sandesh…

( Excerpts from 'Divine Grace' - a book authored by a devotee on Swami ji) " At times, a person accumulates unimaginable wealth, lives in the lap of luxury and enjoys all material comforts of life. He receives all this due to God's blessings. But, if such an individual continues to remain preoccupied only with... Continue Reading →

“‘जीवन’ के मूल्य को समझो…इसे ‘व्यार्थ’ की ‘बातों’ में मत गवाओ…”

Swami ji's Sandesh… Swami ji said… "The persistent attempt to attend to the rigmarole of worldly affairs with poise and perfection ; the intense pressure and stress that we place on ourselves to build a better future, a better life - takes us further away from realising the 'fleeting' and 'fragile' nature of life. The... Continue Reading →

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