“The time to change is ‘NOW’…”

Swami ji said…

” As we usher in a new year, there is always a talk of ‘new beginnings’ and ‘new year resolutions’. The world is abuzz with people telling each other about what they will take up in the coming new year and how they will ‘change’. While there is nothing wrong with New Year resolutions, it would – on deeper thought – appear odd that one has to wait for a specific day in the calendar to make changes in one’s life. Is it only the ‘change’ in the year of the calendar and time that will cause and bring about a change in us? Does the thought of bringing about a ‘change’ on a normal day lose some sheen and become insignificant in the glory of inculcating the ‘change’ only on a ‘New Year’ which is celebrated with fireworks, fanfare and festivities !”

” Yet, strangely, the promise to implement a ‘change’ in our lives and habits seems to always be scheduled for the future – be it the ‘first’ of January , a birthday, a Sunday, or any other day ‘special’ to us. It is very rare that we implement the much promised ‘change’ immediately, or , at that very moment when the thought of the ‘change’ arises in our mind.”

” The reason for this constant procrastination is our ‘resistance’ to ‘change’. At times, even those ‘changes’ in us that we know will do us good – such as giving up alcohol or smoking, sleeping on time, exercising, meditating – are not implemented immediately, but, rather, are given ‘starting dates’ in the future. We seem to believe that our ‘plan’ will work without a fault, when put into effect in future ; that our transformation will begin from that very point, in the future, that we have decided on , and , that we do not have to worry about making that crucial ‘change’ in us today.”

” Such casual thinking, such laziness is harmful for us. If there is any set definition of a ‘right time’ to change, ‘right time’ to start improving – then that ‘time’ is ‘now’. There is nothing like a specific ‘time’ that is too early, or , too late. We must either improve ourselves with a firm determination, with immediate effect or ‘try’ to improve ourselves, undaunted by the number of times we fail to do so successfully. Numerous plans will fail, numerous resolutions will not see their fruition. Our attempts will most probably be thwarted by our own indiscipline and weak resolve’ a number of times, before we are able to effect and implement any serious change in our lives. Such ‘failures’ are a part of the process. But, true failure is , only , when we stop thinking of ways and means of improving, changing and transforming ourselves in the present moment , and , simply postpone it for another day.”

” Have faith and belief in the power of ‘now’ ! Believe me when I say – ‘It is mostly a case of ‘now’ or ‘never’ !’ Some of us are wary of treading the spiritual path at a young age, as , we are petrified of the ‘sacrifices’, that we wrongly misinterpret we might have to make , and , thus, we conveniently postpone the most rewarding and joyous ‘ journey’ of our lives , for the last few years of our lives. We, thus, foolishly make the mistake of delaying the golden opportunity of gaining proximity to God at an earlier age and stage of our life.The ‘changes’ that spiritual awakening brings within us can only be understood on experiencing it – ‘ Jab hum ‘nek raah par chalne ka , nek ‘karma’ karne ka aur ‘ruh’ ko ‘ parmatma’ se jodne ka har kshann prayatna karne lagte hain !” Shouldn’t we ‘change’ our mindset and start walking on the ‘spiritual’ path, ‘now’ – from this very moment to fulfil the true purpose of our life !”

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  1. The time to change is NOW. At this very moment. Any postponement only shows that we don’t want to change.
    Jai Gurudev

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