“Learn to bear and accept, silently, the pain that your physical being has to endure. Avoid making it a larger than life issue and talking about it all the time.”

Swamiji says …

“I am sure most of us remember the words of concern – ‘What happened to you?’ ‘ Where did you fall?’ ‘How did you hurt yourself?’ ‘ Oh! You have a headache. How bad is it?’ The moment these questions were asked by our well-wishers, we would, being children then, burst into tears and bask in their attention, till the time, either our wounds healed, or we were cured of our illness. Did questions of this kind make us relate too often with the pain that our external self suffered with repeatedly? Did all the fuss around our physical pain make us enjoy being the center of attention? Were we unknowingly being trained to be body-centric?”

“Time passes by. We grow up and mature; but as far as a few of us are concerned, our emotional quotient remains nearly the same. Suffering of any kind – physical, emotional or mental and the trauma of bearing distress, till date, still triggers a tide of negative emotions within us. These emotions find an escape route when people enquire about our welfare. We readily begin narrating the story of our aches and pains in graphic detail; and, once this conversational odyssey related to our pain begins – there is no stopping us. We go into the details of how the illness made home within us; the nature of the disease or how the unfortunate incident happened; and we recall its onset and follow- up-procedure vividly. Our personal distress is so great, that at the slightest suffering, we pour it into the ears of anyone and everyone, who is willing to listen to the recital of our ordeal, over and over again. After all could anything be greater than our duress and pain! Could the other person actually relate with the intensity and severity of our suffering? We wonder, and then convince ourselves that he most probably could not as he had not experienced it. But we feel a sense of peace and lighter mentally, as we have shared our problem with other people. It doesn’t matter to us if we have increased their stress by pouring out our anguish to them. They express their sympathy and do everything possible to make us feel better and livelier. But then, till when will we depend on their pity and empathy to feel better? We need to battle out our fears and worries ourselves, and emerge victorious.”

“Is it possible for us to outgrow this weakness? Do we really need to wear our pain on our sleeve and display it to one and all incessantly. What do we truly gain by doing so? Will we get better only by earning their sympathy and seeing a look of compassion in their eyes? Do we spare one precious moment to pause and think of the unecessary unhappiness that we could be causing our sympathizers? Have we ever tried to understand the deeper, hidden, underlyind meaning behind our ‘kasht’ – problem and suffering? Is it possible that God could have chosen us for the beautiful purpose of staying connected with Him and remembering Him through our suffering? What if the unbearable pain being experienced by us is enabling us to reduce the baggage of our previous bad ‘karma’ – ‘humare purva janmon ke kasht kat rahein honge’. ‘ Hum chote se chote kasht ko itna bada bana de tey hain ki hum swayam usi mein kho jaatey hain’. We give such importance to the most insignificant physical suffering that we are more than willing to drown in the waves of pain that engulf our physical being. Shouldn’t we make ourselves stronger and test our endurance power without making a big hullabaloo about our suffering?”

“It is possible only for a ‘sachcha sant’ – a self realized ‘guru’- to rise above the shackles of the ‘state’ and suffering of his gross body. Only he can disassociate himself totally from ‘it’ – as he understands that ‘He’ is not the ‘body” – and welcomes with his head bowed and arms opened, every opportunity, painful or painless, that will further enhance the possibility of cleansing his soul and awakening ‘him’ in the ‘true’ sense as He realizes that he is being shepherded closer to God. Oblivious and undeterred by his physical state, a true saint will shoulder his responsibilities selflessly and perform His duties towards society and His devotees uncomplainingly; without as much as mentioning a word about the good that he has done for those who seek His Grace. Can he curse his fate, bemoan and lament the fact that he is suffering the way he is?
He ‘suffers’ in silence, quietly; without paying any heed to his ‘kaaran shareer’ as that form doesn’t hold any relevance for Him. There is no one with whom He can share pain. At times, a guru’s vital organs might not be functioning adequately , but the power bestowed on him by His Creator, empowers him to ensure the revival of a failing organ of His ‘sachcha bhakt’ – a true devotee – and to rescue him from the jaws of death in time.
After all, His soul too resides in a human body! The vital difference between Him and others is that He, unlike others, has conquered his senses and trained his physical being to rise above pain or pleasure; to accept all that comes His way as His Master’s will and blessings, and above all has taught Himself to smile through his pain.”

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  1. We need to learn to bear the pain, suffering silently.
    Swamiji is living example of bearing strength.

  2. Pranam Swamiji.
    Kitini sacchi aur acchi baatein hain yeh..
    Hum Apne kasht Ko hamesha ‘jayada ‘ aur ‘ main hi kyun’ ki drishti se dekhte hain..
    Aur AAP par dal dete hain ki AAP plz mere kasht Kam kariye..
    Aapka hamesha saath rehkar hamein guide karne ke liye shukriya..
    I love you Swamiji


  3. Aur, sach baat hai ki aapne hum sabka kasht khud uthaya hai…shant aur meethey mann sey..

  4. Yet another marvellous ‘Sandesh’. Very true, Swamyji. Everyone should practice it. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. सोना तपने पर और अधिक चमकता है।जीवन का आधार भी कुछ ऐसा ही है।सच तो यह है कि जीवन में जब जब ज्यादा कष्ट होते हम प्रभु के उतने ही अधिक निकट होते है।स्वाजी ने कितना सच बताया है कि चाहे कष्ट वाले दिन हों या फिर अच्छे,हमेशा ही प्रभु का धन्यवाद करना चाहिऐ और उस समय का खुले मन से बाँह फैलाकर सुअवसर मानकर स्वागत करना चाहिऐ।
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।

  6. स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन, प्रभु का धन्यवादi 🙏🙏🙏

  7. Mai Swami ji. Ke suvicharon se sahmat hu jisne kashat jhel lie unko jivan jina aa gya..Hamare Swamiji ne to sabke ke kasht apne uppar le lie yahi sabse bada udharan h hum sabke samne fir hamare dukh n kasht to kuch bhhi nhi h
    Mai swami ji ko pranaam karti hu

  8. Om gurudevo namaha. One more beautiful teaching. If we all take these teachings seriously and apply in our lives and practice it daily, I am sure with all the practice we will be able to master our brain to bear all our problems. swamiji our guru is one of live examples who bears all the pain on our behalf and never complains to anyone of us and is always smiling. He has trained himself since soo many years to take everybodies pain and face the consequences without being complacent. What a enlighting teaching with such a beautiful and inspiring Guru. When ever I read I start practicing his teachings, which is really helped me to transform my life. I feel it really works with me and makes s change in my life and help me to be calm and serine he has really changed my life In all the spheres. I am really blessed and thankful to swamiji to enlighten me with his Teachngs to make me a different person. I earnestly owe my life to him to make me a different human being.

  9. Swamiji is the living exactly of what He teaches and preaches.
    Aum Swami Shri Ajay Guru Devaya Namah

  10. ‘Be grateful for whatever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond’ . These pains you feel are messengers. Just listen to them.

    Swamiji, you are the universe in ecstatic motion and manuscript of a divine letter.

    Thank you for your teachings and blessings.

  11. Our Swamiji has taken immense pain of others on him both physically and mentally.. Physically when a disciple complains about his/her discomfort and mental agony when any disciple cuts the association with Saamiji after years of relationship… yet our Guru showers all his kindness with a smile without disclosing an ayota of such pain he suffers day in and day out. Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

  12. Once I asked Swamiji, “Swamiji, you take the suffering of your devotees on you. Being a ‘sant’ you just take away the pain from the devotee or, you yourself have to suffer the pain?” Swamiji said “हाँ बेटे,दर्द को झेलना पड़ता है ।” After hearing this I felt very sad. How easily we tell Swamiji….”हमारा कष्ट दूर करो” without pausing a moment even to think how we are making him suffer the pain of our account! What we are learning from Swamiji ‘s preachings?? At least, we can pray God to give us strength to walk on the path shown by our Swamiji.
    My shat koti pranams to Swamiji.

  13. This truly is an eye opener as we so conveniently share our problems with Swamiji with an expectation that he would act as a troubleshooter without realizing the pains he would have to go through on our behalf. Give us strength to follow and act upon your pearls of wisdom.

  14. Pranaam Swami Ji
    Swami ji smiling in every situation teaches us such a valuable lesson
    Thank you SwamiJi

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