Swamiji says… " Mujhe yeh chahiye! Mujhe woh chahiye! Mujhe aurr chahiye! Woh cheez mil jaati, toh mujhe santushti ho jaati! I want this! I want that!" These words sound very familiar. Don't they? Each one of us is surely able to vividly recall the excitement that we had experienced - as infants - on... Continue Reading →

”Niswaarth ‘kaam’ aur ‘seva'”

Swamiji says … "Niswaarth kaam alaukik anand deta hai …""The rewards of selfless service are divine in nature …" " I am sure most of us remember the days, when as stubborn tiny tots, almost all of us had selfishly conveyed our annoyance, on being distracted from whatever it was that we were doing, and... Continue Reading →

‘Niyam, Sanyyam’

Swamiji says … "Being disciplined, following a routine and exercising self - restraint over oneself keeps the heart happy and beautiful …" " 'Niyam' aur 'sanyyam' mann ko sunder banate hain…' " "Nature is the greatest teacher. It teaches us silently, but visually - the important lesson of 'niyam' - of following a routine; of... Continue Reading →

‘ Moksha … Jannat ‘

Swamiji says … " 'Moksha' … 'self realization' is attained not only by the child who walks the spiritual path , but his parents too benefit from their child's spiritual bent of mind and attain 'moksha'. " 'Moksha' … 'jannat'…uss insaan ko hi praapt nahi hoti hai jo 'aadhyatmik' marg par chalta hain, parantu unke... Continue Reading →

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