“Pariksha se bhaybheet na ho…”

Swamiji says … "' 'Pariksha' … Exams… Tests … Viva … Assessments ! These words have always sounded formidable, frightening and formal ! We became very familiar with these words - exams, 'parkisha' - very early on in life ; perhaps from the tender age of five or six - and the mere mention of... Continue Reading →

‘Vibhajit nahi .. ekjutt raho’’

  Swamiji says ... " Our family...' humara parivaar, humara kutumb, humara ghar' - our grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins and relatives- all mean the world to us, especially when we are young, and it is difficult to imagine a life without their loving and caring presence around us. Joyful sounds of pealing laughter and cheerful... Continue Reading →

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