‘Jivan chalne ka hi naam hai… ‘

Swamiji says …

” ‘Jivan’, ‘zindagi’ – anmol hai, amulya hai!’ – and what makes it all the more exquisite, exciting and exhilarating – is the fact that the wheels of our life gain traction from the moment of our birth, reminding us that life is all about being on the move constantly. The words – ‘Jeevan mein chalte rahein, aagey badhtey rahein, kyunki jeevan chalne ka naam hai!’ should keep us going. It is simply not possible for us to look directly at ‘life’ – raise our hands in surrender, and address it by saying , ‘I give up! Enough is enough! I can’t handle you any more!’ We can’t give up just like that – as we know that the essence of life is all about moving forward, striving and working hard !”

“It is inherent for us to understand that life will demand a lot from us – blood, sweat, toil – but it does so, purely because it knows very well that it has to groom us for the struggles that await us – which can tire out some of us to such an extent – that we lose interest in changing anything around us and just sit still, refusing to do anything that could improve our future. Remaining inactive has never helped anyone succeed in life, and thus it is better for us to be on our toes, give up our sedentary habits, be up and about ; aware of the need to move on, for a better personal and professional life.” 

“The colors and flavors of life are ever changing. Happy, sweet, a perfect dream run one moment; tearful, bitter and an obstacle filled nightmare the very next – but we must learn to embrace life with even more warmth, when situations and circumstances are challenging; not in our favor and control…’ Kuch log choti si cheez se haar maan lete hain; bahut jaldi ghabra jaate hain! ‘ We need to reflect as to why do we concede and break so easily!  After all, did God not endow us with intelligence too? Can we not buck up and stand stoic and undaunted in the face of adversities and challenging times? Can we not trust our instincts and simply concentrate on doing what is needed to move on – instead of lamenting about our misfortunes? The thought of simply giving up, and accepting defeat without putting up a fight – should not be permitted to mushroom in our mind.”

” Aadmi ko kabhi bhi haar maan kar baith nahi jana chahiye !” Stagnation, immobility of the mind and body; is the moot cause of the ruin and end of many a lives. How can we just sit – remain mute and stare blankly at the unwanted, undesirable situation in which we find ourselves and – watch things going over the edge, transfixed to the spot, and do nothing – absolutely nothing about it…’Paani bhi agar ek jagah thaiher jaaye toh keechad ban jaata hai!’ Would we want to see ourselves stagnating, and decaying ; accumulating layers of dark, pessimistic thoughts – which will not allow the enlightening rays of …’utsah’ – encouragement and motivation to filter through and wake us up from our stupor, illuminating our minds with thoughts of taking remedial action, of following the right direction…’Hummey aagey badhna hai! Tarraki karni hai!’ The comfort zone that we carve for ourselves while working in one segment, and at one station, in our professional lives, is so dear to us that the thought of venturing out – and trying something slightly different from our run-of-the-mill lives is averse to us. Shouldn’t we be expanding our horizon and broadening our vision?…’Jo bhi kaam mein, ya naukri mein, ek hi jagah sthir ho kar baith jaata hai –  woh uth nahi paata hai !’ – otherwise , how else will we work our way through the learning curve that life offers to us in a new way, every day?”

“A defeatist attitude will not only drain us of energy, but also, make us drag our heels and run around in circles – with no solution in sight – adding to further physical fatigue, mental exhaustion and illness, which has never done anyone any good…’Ek hi jagah baithe rehne se daridrata aa jaati hai !’ No way should we ever think of doing something like that. Never! It will only worsen the situation. We will have to pull out all stops in order to first fix and then emerge victorious from the situation.”

“Negative thoughts and emotions can overwhelm us; but rather can crumbling easily under their unbearable weight, we should remain unfazed, and remind ourselves that our duty is to rise once again, brush away the last fragment of doubt that rests on our sagging shoulders, and move forward – motivated and confident. We need to overcome the opponent, whether real or fabricated, at the earliest – determined to reset the wheels of our life in rhythmic motion, looking forward to new opportunities and new destinations. At no point in time should we get entangled in the web of sloth and laziness ; but rather be pragmatic and practical; be adventurous, a seeker, a wanderer – imbibe and exhibit traits that are associated with one who is on the move, spurred with a mission.”

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  1. So very true, “Life goes on..”

    Thank you Swamiji for teaching us importance of life !!!!

    Om Shri Swami ji Ajaye Gurudevaye Namah 🙏🙏

  2. Yes . We definitely should not give way to sedentary way of life.
    Neither should we be lethargic physically not mentally. The roots of success lie on effort.
    Simply getting up early makes us mentally and physically more active. But it needs a little effort.
    So ultimately …no pains no gains.
    Pranam Swamiji 🙏

  3. We r so lucky to have a sadguru who inspires is every moment.. Who makes us move every moment. Who forces to throw away doubts. .. Forces us to work hard.. And keeps His grace on us.. Like a shield..

    We r so blessed..
    Gratitude uimited..

    .my Master, this life time and ever after! !?

    1. Jai Gurudev.
      How beautiful the message is.The life must keep going on what ever the situation is.One needs to be strong,determined and confident ,then only a person can overcome the adverse of situations. Isey ka naam hi ZINDAGI hai jo kuch bhi ho jaye.kisi be haalat mein nahi rukni chaiye.
      Life is full of challenges take every challenge as an opportunity to grow ,by fighting with the spirit of the lion king and overcoming the situation rather than surrendering to the situation and let the negative thoughts conquer our minds.We need to overcome with those negative thoughts and let positive thoughts rule over the mind.life is full of struggles we need to learn to live with the situation and make sure that we will change our lives for a good cause.Life is amazing.please live your lives to the fullest.
      Thank you Swamiji for enlightening us that the show must go on,whatever the situation may be.I owe my gratitude for an eye opening sandesh and follow your guidelines.

      Om Gurudevo Namaha

  4. Thank you Swamijee for reminding us that the key to life when it gets tough is to keep moving. Just keep moving.

    “Life is like riding a bicycle.
    To keep your balance, you must keep moving”
    Albert Einstein

    With Gratitude

    Vineet Puneet

  5. Thank you Swamijee for reminding us that

    Life is like riding a bicycle.
    To keep your balance, you must keep moving

    With Gratitude

    Vineet n Puneet

  6. Thank you Swamiji for your valuable guidance. Life moves on and so should we.
    Pranaam Gurudev 🙏🏻

  7. स्वामी जी हम सबको सदैव ही क्रियाशील बनाते रहें।
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।

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