“’श्रद्धा’ के साथ ‘सब्र’ भी होना चाहिए …”

Swamiji said… " 'True devotion is unwavering. Real belief is persistent.' And, God on seeing His 'bhakt's' devotion, yearning for His 'darshan', responds to his call in the most magical manner. Didn't 'He' reward‘Shabri’s' 'shraddha' and 'sabr' who had waited year after year, patiently, for the glorious 'darshan' -'दर्शन' of Shri Ram ! Such is... Continue Reading →

” ‘गुरु – कृपा’ अदभुत ‘शक्ति’ देती है | ”

Swamiji said… " 'गुरु 'भगवान' का रूप होते हैं … A Spiritual 'Guru', an enlightened 'Guru' is God on Earth. And, the divine grace that touches such a Guru’s disciples is no less than ‘ईश्वर का वरदान’ - a divine boon from God Himself - because just like the boons of 'Brahma', 'Vishnu' and 'Mahesh',... Continue Reading →

” ‘संकल्प’, ‘बल’ और ‘आत्मशक्ति’ देता है…” ‘Sankalp’ – ‘bal’ aur ‘atma – shakti’ deta hai …’

Swamiji said… " A common recurrence in the stories of great heroes and figureheads of history has been the awe inspiring commitment and dedication with which they took vows and oaths to achieve the impossible. In fact, it was the oath or 'संकल्प' taken by them that was the driving force that propelled these great... Continue Reading →

” छोटी-छोटी चीज़ो में ‘खुशियां’ देखो।” ”Look for happiness in the smallest of things…”

Swamiji said… " Life is a constant struggle for most people, irrespective of the strata of society to which they could belong. The only factor constant in their lives could be struggle.Some struggle to cater for their next meal. Some struggle to meet their childrens' or family’s needs; and yet others struggle with one, or,... Continue Reading →

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