Swami ji’s Sandesh … ” ‘प्रतिभा’ भी ईश्वर से मिलती है – ‘’विनम्र’ रहो !”Swami ji said …

" Man, as it is, is, God’s most incredible and innovative, creation, but , to make us more interesting, 'He' blessed us all with talents, flair and potential - distinct, unique and special to each one of us. Such is the level of His divine attention, that even though there are billions of us, no... Continue Reading →

” ‘जन्मदिन’ तो सब लोग मनाते हैं, परन्तु अपने ‘जन्म’ का मह्त्व, उद्देश्य भी समझना चाहिए।”

Swami ji said… " 'Birthdays' are given great importance and a lot of planning and preparation goes into celebrating them with great pomp and show. The grander the celebrations, the better it is, we feel ; as the event is then talked about for a long time. This is what we tell ourselves. An inevitable... Continue Reading →

“ ‘कर्मों ‘ की आवाज़ ‘शब्दों’ से भी ऊँची होती है…”

Swamiji said… " In today’s world, words do not have much value, as, what is said is rarely meant by most of us. The promise of keeping one’s word is rarely upheld. Mindless chatter prevails over carefully chosen words. In such circumstances, it is important to ‘act’ rather than to ‘claim’ and ‘profess’, as, it... Continue Reading →

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