“ ‘Accept’ and ‘adjust’…”

Swami ji said…

” Nature around us is living proof of the change that keeps on taking place around us constantly, regularly and unfailingly. Not all days are sunny and not all nights are cold. A few days during the monsoon could be dry, devoid of rain, but, on some days there is a heavy downpour. Some changes take place fast, and, some happen ever so slowly, over a long period of time, that we barely register them – like the growing of a mountain – yet, a change is always happening out there. The world is never still.”

“Similarly, we , encounter change in our own lives. Some that is brought by us onto our own lives, and , some enforced upon us by the cosmos at large. And, not all change seems desirable. While some changes are perceived as good, the rest is often seen by us as irritating, tragic, adverse and unfortunate.”

” Man by nature seeks comfort – and comfort is found in that which is familiar and known to him. ‘Change’ on the other hand leads him into the unknown, and, dealing with the unknown causes doubt, stress and discomfort to the mind.”

” The loss of a loved one. The loss of a job ; a change in residence; a financial loss ; an accident – all can be painful occurrences in our lives that we have to deal with. These are changes from the ‘status quo’. Of course, such happenings do sadden the mind. Yet, even in these difficult times, one must take one step at a time, and, look to move forward in life. And, while even the smallest steps might seem heavy, gradually, one learns to adjust to one’s new conditions and begins to live life the way it is meant to be lived, without complaining.”

” But, people take the easy way out – they either lament on their ‘misfortune’ and ‘bad luck’, or, simply do not deal with the situation at hand by being rigid and stubborn. We tend to forget – ‘Nadi ka bahaav jis taraf hoga, hum ussi taraf toh jaate hain !’ Thus, we, too need to adapt to the changing mindset, lifestyle of the younger generation without resisting and constantly comparing the differences that come along with ‘change’.”

” There are various manifestations of such behaviour. Some complain about the ‘good old days’ not being there anymore. They only live in the past and mournfully live in the present. They seem resigned to the fact that only darkness lies ahead.Others, on the other hand, instead of trying to change their own actions and behaviour simply choose to ignore the change occurring around them. Instead of looking to adjust and evolve, they simply choose to get left behind in life.”

” While it could be difficult to understand in trying circumstances, we must learn to believe, that any change that we experience in our lives, is not ‘life’ trying to pull us down, but, rather is a call for action, a call for an evolution of ourselves. We must learn to welcome change in our lives instead of resisting it. ‘Change’ is often God’s way of telling us what He wants us to do. It is His method of communicating that what we are doing, the way we are behaving, is not the fulfilment of our potential.”

” The stories of all heroic figures have one thing in common – a change in their circumstances and how they emerged victorious from them. Adjusting to changing circumstances can be painful – but, we must remember that swords are forged from fire; and similarly, ‘change’ is the kiln in which we develop a strong character.”

” We are often irritated by the smallest of ‘change’ that takes place in our day to day lives. Be it a change in the time of a flight or a train ; change in a meeting venue ; the shifting of office premises etc. We rant about the inconvenience that is caused to us by these ‘changes’. Yet, we should learn to exercise restraint , and , smilingly accept these small hiccups of life. It is only then that we will be able to meet the ‘bigger changes’ in life in a calm and composed manner. Remember – ” ‘ मुस्कुराना सीखना पड़ता है…रोना तो पैदा होते ही आ जाता हैं!’ “

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  1. Really so. We need to leave our comfort zone , our status quo if we want to achieve something new.
    Whether we like it or not , life will keep on changing and new challenges will keep on coming in our way. Ther is no alternate but to face those challenges heads on.
    What a good fortune that we have our dear Swamiji by our side to give us strength to face those challenges !!!
    Jai gurudev

  2. What a beautiful divine guidance by our beloved Swamiji.
    “Muskurana toh seekhna padta hai, rona toh paida hote hee aa jata hai”
    To practice your divine guidelines, the strength will also be given by you only Swamiji.

  3. Gratitude and your blessings are the best and most positive tools to sail through life.
    Jai Gurudev.

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