23 October, 2018…

It's a day treasured and cherished by us as we celebrate the sixtieth birthday of our Gurudev today... Happy Birthday , Swamiji! We wish you good health , happiness , peace and joy, today and always.We pray to the Almighty to take care of His favourite child ... you , Swamiji .. who has taken... Continue Reading →

Respect Women & Womanhood

It is said that God resides where women are revered and respected. Women have always played a pivotal role in our society. It is vital for us to understand the strength and power of women. The extraordinary strength that women posses can be surmised from the simple example given below. Man cries out in pain... Continue Reading →

नारी सम्मान

।। यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः ।। (जहाँ नारी का सम्मान होता है वहीं देवता भी भृमण करते हैं ।) हमारे समाज में नारी की अत्यन्त सशक्त भूमिका रही है । नारीशक्ति की प्रबलता को पहचानना परम् आवश्यक है । एक सूक्ष्म सा उदाहरण है कि एक इंसान छोटी सी पथरी होने से भी दर्द से... Continue Reading →

Swamiji says… 7.0

Man by nature is essentially good. The goodness inherent in him makes him feel that every other man that he interacts with and meets too, is undoubtedly good, honest and reliable. He happily reposes unconditional trust and faith in others around him. But what if the trust and faith that he has placed in the... Continue Reading →

डगर कठिन है भलाई की

भलाई करना बहुत कठिन है और बुराई करना आसान । किसान खेत में फसल उगाता है, अन्न से सँसार के प्राणियों का पेट भरता है। खेती करना या फसल उगाना बहुत मुश्किल कार्य है लेकिन उसी फसल को उजाड़ना आसान काम है, यानि कि अच्छाई कठिन व बुराई आसान ।। इसी प्रकार इमारत को खड़ा करने... Continue Reading →

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