Swamiji says… 7.0

Man by nature is essentially good. The goodness inherent in him makes him feel that every other man that he interacts with and meets too, is undoubtedly good, honest and reliable. He happily reposes unconditional trust and faith in others around him. But what if the trust and faith that he has placed in the other person is betrayed? The deception by the other person was so devious and well–planned that before he could get a whiff of it, this simple person was wiped out, destroyed! What will happen when he sees the myth of goodness that he had created, comes crashing on him? It could certainly happen this way! Nothing is guaranteed in life! How will he react then? Will he be able to ever trust any other person and forget a betrayal most vile and dishonest? It is but natural for him to react in a manner expected of him…typical…governed by rage, anger and hatred. All these negative emotions can blind him to such an extent that the love and trust that he had nurtured for the other person, earlier, could unfortunately be replaced with a feeling of vengeance. He will spend hours in planning out ways and means of getting back at the other person.

It is during a time period as trying and tiring as this, that this good person should not let the quality of goodness in him, fade away at any cost. Irrespective of the heart-break, grief, misery, shock caused to him personally, he must stand by the positive traits that he has been blessed with and behave in a manner befitting him.

It becomes imperative for him to forgive the other person because if he doesn’t do so he will end up harming himself all the more. As it is, he has already lost everything…He will lose out, further, on the priceless quality of goodness…the greatest wealth that he possesses, if he behaves in a manner similar to that was exhibited by the other person. It is here that he must restrain himself from allowing negative emotions to rule over him, and be generous and magnanimous by forgiving the other person, thereby, not doing anything wrong from his side, and continue to walk on the path of righteousness and goodness, undisturbed and unaffected. He should not stop being a good and honest person just because he was let down by one person.

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  1. So true it is. Wonderful message.

    🙏🙏🙏ॐ स्वामीजी श्री अजय गुरूदेवाऐ नम: 🙏🙏🙏

  2. किसी से विश्वासघात नहीं करना, किसी का दिल न तोड़ो, किसी को लज्जित न करो ।
    स्वामीजी की शिक्षा सर्वोपरी है ।

  3. Very good message.. while its extremely difficult to forgive the betrayal, showering kindness is the only way to overcome the art of vengeance… with Guru’s blessing and guidance, let’s try to imbibe this quality..

  4. Always rely on the prinicpals of truthness and selfless love to the world of humanity taught by our beloved Lord Shri Ajay jain Swami ji.

  5. Thank you very much Swamiji for enlightening all of us with such an inspirational thought. Being kind to others when others are kind to us is called as a business. However, being kind to others when others are not kind to us is called as a blessed life. If we believe in the best, the best will prevail.

  6. What Swamiji has said is really a Vedic Aphorism.
    Our Swamiji lives up to what He preaches.
    All of us who got a chance to interact with Him closely , know that He too was betrayed. But He never nurtured any bad feelings against them.
    Rather He still continued bestowing love towards them.
    Nurturing ill feelings only spoil our mental and physical health. There is no positive gain of these negative feelings. By having a positive attitude we can build a beautiful future. By nurturing a positive and loving attitude , we may gain the person as he may come back to us feeling the remorse , but the negative feelings will put him off and we might lose him forever.
    So a positive and forgiving attitude is a must so that we can build a beautiful future on our spoilt present.

    Om Swami Shri Ajay Guru Devaya Namah.

    Nav Kiran jaidka
    Camp New Jersey

  7. I strongly believe in one thing that, without Sadguru’s blessings we CANNOT overcome these vices. After being blessed by Guru the entire world will take a beautiful thing of creation. We have to have a belief in Guru as a form of God, the creator. Then we can feel the magical, soothing inner peace.
    No negativity, no heartbreak, no jealous… nothing of this sort…only Bliss. We, the devoties of Swamiji, are so blessed by God that he dropped a very precious blessing in our laps in the form of our dear Swamiji.
    Swamiji, सदा कोटि कोटि प्रणाम आपको।

  8. My great fortune that I found my guru in this age, where goodness is considered a weakness and is largely greeted with deceit! Our guru says these words with such power that it vitalizes the truth in our hearts! Thank you swamiji.

  9. So true. If the other person has made some mistake, we should forgive and forget rather than getting affected by the negativity of the situation. Otherwise we’ll also end up making the same mistake of hurting somebody. Thanks Swamiji for enlightening us.🙏🏻

  10. Swamiji has given such a powerful message to all of us. Truely enlightening!! Indeed the path of honesty, goodness and righteousness is very difficult to follow in today’s scenario. Many times Swamiji has suggested us to keep our minds focused on pure thoughts only to overcome any turbulent situation. Thank you Swamiji 🙏🙏 🙏for blessing us all with such strength.

    Tanu & Rajesh
    Auckland (New Zealand)

  11. Absolute truth. Though it’s a natural mankind behaviour, following Swamiji’s preachings has always helped me overcome such situations and keep up the good spirit.

  12. Very true Swamy ji. Shedding off one’s negative thoughts / actions goes a very long way in improving spiritual as well as physical growth. Scientifically also, it is proven that the energy we emit, as positive or negative vibes, is not only reflected back to us but acts in a much more vigorous manner. So, we should always try to emit / radiate out positive vibes only. Although it may seem very difficult to achieve, but is possible only with the blessings of Guru. We devotees are so lucky that our Guru ji continuously pours on us His blessings, to achieve the greatest of great tasks of this kind. Thank you and Pranam Guru Ajai Swamy ji.

  13. ॐ स्वामी श्री अजय गुरुदेवाऐ नम: ….

  14. Thanks for all your blessings Swamiji and showing us right path of life. Om swami Ajay gurudevaye namha.

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