“ ‘आस्था’ और ‘दृढ़ निश्चय” हमें सफलता प्राप्त कराते हैं…”

Swami ji said … " In life we often hear people talk enviously about other people’s talents and skills and how their gifts have made them successful. On other occasions they refer to one’s lineage and attribute it to their success. People very rarely attribute hard work and determination to someone else’s success in life.... Continue Reading →

Swamiji’s Sandesh…

" Our physical being means the world to us. In fact it means everything to us and , thus , we remain engaged with it all our lives, coping with a desire to maintain a young appearance. Perhaps, we are unable to accept the natural progression of age in our appearance when we look at... Continue Reading →

‘संतुष्ट’ जीवन’

Swamiji's said… " Discontentment arises from within - a growing dissatisfaction, with our circumstances and life conditions, that gnaws at our heart and mind. The mind perceives what it experiences in the world as unsatisfactory and constantly longs for more. There is a constant urge to 'attain' more. Yet, curiously enough, we never realize that... Continue Reading →

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