Discipline & Routine!

Swamiji often tells us how important it is to be disciplined in one's life. He emphasises on following a routine no matter how simple it may be. Continuity, especially when it comes to spiritual matters, proves immensely beneficial in the longer run. Meditation, for example, is one such thing that just keeps getting better and... Continue Reading →

From devotees’ diary – 5

AJAY SWAMY JI – He came into our lives as a ‘Living God’. I was a child, when I first got the opportunity to see Him. Although I did not know the real meaning of “GURU” at that time, I eventually got to know how blessed I am. It was the biggest opportunity of my... Continue Reading →

From devotees’ diary – 4

It gives me immense pleasure to share my feelings about my Guru - Shri Ajay Swami ji. Let me begin with a thought provoking irony of the life. People of this generation believe that there is "THE GOD" but fail to accept or believe, when they listen to any sort of miracles happening to others. They... Continue Reading →

From devotees’ diary – 3

When God is pleased, He comes in contact with us in the form of Sadguru. We (me and my family), are a few of those blessed ones to find God in the form of a Guru. Swamy ji, as our Guru’s devotees call Him with great love & respect, is one of those great saints, who... Continue Reading →

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