Discipline & Routine!

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Swamiji often tells us how important it is to be disciplined in one’s life. He emphasises on following a routine no matter how simple it may be. Continuity, especially when it comes to spiritual matters, proves immensely beneficial in the longer run. Meditation, for example, is one such thing that just keeps getting better and better with time. Sticking to a 10-15 minute routine too, gives astonishing results sooner rather than later. Chanting or repetition, of any mantra or ritual should also be a disciplined and dedicated act. To expound this further He once told us this motivating anecdote that we’ve shared below.


“Once upon a time there was a devotee whose day started with offering water to Sun (Surya Dev), as obeisance. 40 years passed and he never ever even once missed or forgo his routine ritual. Once he fell severely ill and was unable to wake up at his usual time. Nonetheless he got up when he could, and just as he began moving towards the window to make his ritual offerings to the Sun, his wife informed him that it’s a gloomy cloudy day outside and that he may not be able to make the intended offering. He looked at her, smiled and said – ” For the past 40 years of my life, every morning I have waited patiently and lovingly for HIM ( the Sun ), I’m quite sure He’s waiting as eagerly for me today.” Just as he said that, the clouds parted and the Sun smiled down upon him, shining a million times brighter, as if reconfirming what the man already knew. Such is the power and such is the beauty of discipline. Add to it a bit of love and devotion and lo! you have the perfect recipe for bliss!”

*** Om Swamiji Sri Ajay Guru Devaya Namah ***

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  1. Amazing piece …
    It has inspired me to be more disciplined 🙂
    Keep showering more messages of Swami ji.
    Jai Gurudev.

  2. Discipline & Punctuality
    अनुशासन एवम् समयबद्धता ।
    These steps are essential & helpful in spirituality.
    Heart touching story.
    Jai Gurudev

  3. We have to do meditation regularly. This helps in spritualy progress and draws Babaji love and blessings to Devotees B D P Pandey

  4. Love and uninterrupted Devotion in The Guru is also discipline, this help us to attain The Almighty

  5. When we close our eyes, we see only darkness,
    When we do meditation the darkness remains there but one light ( Parkash Punj प्रकाश ज्योति ) appears from some where. That eradicator of darkness is The GURU.

  6. After reading this inspiring story, I will introduce a small discipline into my life everyday. Thank you Swamiji

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