From devotees’ diary – 6


At an age, when I did not even know that there is someone called ‘God’, I first met our Guru – Ajai Swamy ji. It was at the young age of 4, when I first saw Swamy ji. I, of course, do not remember those first few meetings with Him, until I grew up gradually realizing who He actually is.

As time passed, the experiences of meeting Him nurtured a refreshed sense of goodness and harmony within me. I started realizing – how important it is, just to be good in our lives; how important it is, not to hurt any living being, and to just keep performing one’s duties. Everyone tries to learn from what has been taught by their parents & elders. But, our family is blessed and fortunate enough to have had Swamy ji’s blessings and support as well, all through.

Many people in the world still do not believe in God. In real sense, what is God? He has many forms. Which form do you want to consider as Real God? After hearing Swamy ji’s preachings, I developed a strong belief that God exists, but not in temples or churches; He is within you. I believe that the purity and goodness you bring within yourself would connect you with God within you!

His preachings about goodness, and the stories that He used to narrate of His own experiences have always inspired and enlightened us much. Because, they are not class-room type lectures; they are something that bring out the hidden light within us. I enjoy sitting for hours, listening to His experiences about life, and apply them in my life, so that the mistakes we do knowingly or unknowingly are not repeated. Whenever Swamy ji talks to us, I pray for that moment to never end! I forget all pains and worries when I sit in front of Him. There is something about Him, His aura, that does not let me take my eyes off Him. Some negative thoughts, which creep into my mind sometimes, disappear when I am in front of Him. This is the divine feeling which I get in His company.

I feel, I did some really good KARMAS in the past, that I got this opportunity to meet God in His form. His talks had always had an impact on our day-to-day life in some or the other way & that have always inspired and helped me to be a better version of me. His assurances to me during my failures in life, gave me a hope that there is another door opening somewhere for me. Through His nectarine talks, He has cultivated patience, goodness and positive attitude in life, in me. I feel I am very fortunate, and I pledge to myself to follow and practise each and every preaching He has given us and also, to strive hard to teach the next generation about the same.

Swamy ji ! You are not just a Guru; You are a feeling of hope, positivity and the quintessential meaning of life. We love you!!


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  1. Swami ji have enriched our lives

    His teaching and blessings are precious gifts bestowed upon us…. we are really lucky to have his guidance

  2. जब हम अपने दिल में वास्तविकता में प्रभु को बसा लेते है तो फिर किसी का अनुचित कर ही नहीं सकते ।
    स्वामीजी की यही शिक्षा है कि कभी किसी को मत ठगो ।

  3. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Swamijis blessings and teachings will always remain in our hearts,his teachings will never perish and remain always in our minds n soul.The knowledge he gave us can never be forgotten.

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