“SHAREER GAYA, toh kuch gaya … CHARITRA GAYA, toh sab kuch gaya…You lose something when your health remains poor and your body starts failing you … but you lose everything once your name or character is tarnished.”

Swamiji says …

“The gross body in which the soul is robed…and with which we associate ourselves, is prone to ailments, sickness and disease. Each one of us falls prey to some illness or the other as we traverse through our journey of life. These bouts of illnesses leave us weak, drained and helpless. We are affected, undoubtedly, both physically and mentally by the suffering that the body has to endure. We fret and worry about the nature of the disease, the mounting medical bills…and lose mental peace as we start believing that we have lost and, maybe, will lose everything. The only ray of sunlight during such days is…the hope and optimism that our near and dear ones, friends and acquaintances bring alongwith them, when they come to cheer us up and offer their support in any which way.”

“We must understand clearly that, actually, this is not the case. Yes, we do lose ‘something partially … fractionally … in a small measure as our body does suffer. We think that time has been wasted in being unwell… recouping and convalescing from a dreadful disease, later on. Time, that you think could have been used in a more fruitful manner, like striking a lucrative business deal. We think that a financial loss has been incurred by us in paying for our treatment. We assume that we have lost a lot…But we are wrong when we think on such lines.”

“On the contrary, you only lose ‘everything’ when you do ‘something’ that makes you a suspect in the eyes of others… that make people question your ‘character’…
‘tumhara charitra’…and doubt your integrity…as is it your ‘character’ that is the actual jewel in your crown…your true possession. This is the truth. You must be extremely cautious before doing ‘anything’, I repeat ‘anything’.. ‘wrong, incorrect’…that is against ethics and core moral values.’ Why do you indulge in corrupt activities, mal-practices,
immoral acts like extra-marital affairs? Visualise the moment when your nefarious activities see the light of day! You will have to hang your head in shame. How will you out-run your humiliation? Your reputation will be blown to smithereens … and you will be a target of ‘character assassination’ by all and sundry. The reputation and name that you had made for yourself will bite the dust within seconds. The same people who had comforted you when you were unwell, avoid you like the plague, now, as they are wary of being associated with you and refuse to acknowledge you.”

“Remember , it is your character alone that makes you or breaks you. It is time to do some soul-searching and opt to live a simple, uncomplicated life.”

27 thoughts on ““SHAREER GAYA, toh kuch gaya … CHARITRA GAYA, toh sab kuch gaya…You lose something when your health remains poor and your body starts failing you … but you lose everything once your name or character is tarnished.”

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  1. Thanku Swamiji for guiding us and showing the right path…character is our real wealth and we should treasure it…

  2. Good character is very important. Our real wealth is our good character. Thank you Swamiji for guiding us on building good values.

  3. When such advise, instructions, precautions in form of Sandesh – message spreaded by Swamiji, it strikes and impacts in righteous direction.
    Jai Swami ji

  4. Very well said Swamyji. Character is something which can fetch you everything in life but not otherwise.
    Pranam Swamyji 🙏🙏🙏

  5. चरित्र ही मनुष्य की पहचान है।स्वामी ने हमेशा ही बताया है कि इस शरीर से ही ईश्वर को पाया जाता है इसलिए शरीर को भी स्वस्थ रखना है पर चरित्र को 24 कैरेट खरा। स्वच्छ चरित्र से ही मन निर्मल और पवित्र बनता है।
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।


  7. Character creates a brand name for you. Your brand name reaches before you reach anywhere.
    Take care of your character.
    Jai guru Dev

  8. Thank you swamiji for guiding us on everything…these are big and important values, we must adhere to.
    Love you swamiji.

  9. मैं स्वामी जी के सन्देश को कोटि कोटि प्रणाम करती हूँ
    सच तो यही है कि आदमी की सबसे बड़ी दौलत चरित्र ही है

  10. Absolutely true…
    Character is the ultimate us
    Swami always guides us to refrain from any act which is incorrect, and do the good deeds
    Pranaam Swami Ji 🙏🏻

  11. किसी भी कारण वश एक बार भी आदमी अपनी चरित्र खो दिया,तो फिर जीवन भर लाख कोशिस करने के बावजूद वो लोगों को वापस भरोसा नहीं दिला सकता। इसलिए कहते हैं कि-धन गया कुछ नहीं गया,स्वास्थ्य गया कुछ गया,चरित्र गया तो सब कुछ गया।
    चरित्र से ही सब कुछ उत्पन्न होती है । यदी वही खराब है तो सब कुछ खराब होगा । चरित्र वान के आगे समस्त संसार नतमस्तक होता है । मानव जीवन का दर्पण हैचरित्र । बलवान से निर्बल डरते हैं,धनवान से निर्धन डरते हैं,चरित्र वान से सब डरते हैं ।
    स्वामीजी के बताये गये रास्ते पर चलकर जीवन को सार्थक बनाना हम सब का कर्तव्य है ।🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. Thank you Swamiji 🙏🙏🌸🌸.. Every time, these wonderful dose of wisdom that we receive from you, work as an antidote to walk on a righteous path and lead a fruitful spiritual life..Your guidance is all we need!!!

    Tanu & Rajesh
    Auckland (NZ)

  13. स्वामीजी के वचन हृदय तक पहुंच के हमारे भीतर के सत्य को प्रकाशित करते हैं. स्वामीजी का यह संदेश भी कुछ ऐसा ही है. धन्यवाद स्वामीजी हमें अपने ज्ञान का पात्र बनाने के लिए। ॐ स्वामी श्री अजय गुरुदेवायह नमः।🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼🌹

  14. Thank you Swamiji for guiding us through such enlightening messages.

    Om Swami Sri Ajay Guru Devaya Namah!

  15. Thank you very much Swamiji for enlightening us with another wonderful message. Request you to keep showering all your blessings on all of us as always.

    🙏🙏🙏ॐ स्वामीजी श्री अजय गुरूदेवाऐ नम: 🙏🙏🙏

  16. Character is both formed and revealed by how one deals with everyday situations as well as extraordinary pressures and temptations. Like a well-made tower, character is built stone by stone, decision by decision.

    It is imperative that we invest now in building character in our children else we will surely invest more tomorrow in trying to repair adults. As they say, Character is ethics in action……

    Thank you so very much, Swami ji. Always indebted for your guidance.

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