Swamiji says …

“The world in which we live is home to people of different races, nationalities and cultures…but the problems that besiege us are one and the same. Floods, famine, disease, conflicts, earthquakes. Life and Nature are unpredictable.
One moment you could be sleeping comfortably in your bed…and the very next moment, a devastating earthquake could reduce everything around you to rubble and you lose everything that was yours. Nothing can comfort you during those traumatic moments as the shock you have experienced makes it impossible for you to comprehend the possibility of rising from the ashes some day. Assurance and assistance are meaningless words at that point in time. The pain and suffering endured by hundreds and thousands, everyday, resulting due to the havoc of war is gut-wrenching and scarring. Peace is alien to millions of people. There is unrest and turbulence all around them.”

“It is when all hope is lost and one is on the verge of losing sanity that the ‘duaa’…words whispered in the form of a prayer… by someone unknown to you, but meant for you, come to your aid and give you emotional respite during those agonizingly painful moments.”

“…’Duaa’ has immense power… as the words said by you…is a call for help, mercy to the Supreme Master and when you voice these words, you are certain that He has heard you and will respond. The prayer gives you and others, the courage and strength needed, to wage the battles that destiny has written for you, well in advance.”

“Each one of you pray for your welfare and for the welfare of your loved ones. You must now rise above the narrow minded ‘I’…’Me’ and ‘Mine’ and start incorporating..
‘We’ ..’Us’ and ‘Them’ in your ‘duaa’…Pray for the prosperity and welfare of every single denizen of the universe. Pray for a sense of sanity and calmness to prevail in the world. Pray for the mental equilibrium of all those who lose their loved ones due to the inhuman act of some misguided elements. Take out time to identify and relate with the agony of others and share it with them. It might not be possible for you to be physically present with with them but you can surely think of them and reach out to them mentally by saying a universal prayer.”

“Try saying it. You will surely succeed.”


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  1. Beautiful updesh by Swamiji.
    Very apt in the present day scenario.
    It gives me great succour chanting the above MANTRA.
    Shukrya Gurudev

  2. Swamiji validates what we all feel in the heart of our hearts. In a day and age where violence and natural calamities are the cause of irreconcilable human misery, prayer to the divine is a must. May the suffering ones find peace and solace, and may the lord grant mercy to all. Om Swami Shri Ajay Gurudevaya Namah🌹🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼🌹

  3. Invisible yet strongest is the power of Duaa – The Prayer.
    Writely and appropriately beaded Sandesh by Swami ji.

  4. Empathy is the virtue that makes a person ‘human’ and empathy is one of the highest form of consciousness. Thank you swamiji for this wonderful teaching 🙏🏻

  5. Prayer is a very powerful weapon that yields results within no time. Everyone prays for one’s self. But as Swamiji said,we have to rise above n pray for the universe. We all are blessed with comforts,physical n mental…by the grace of our Guru but what about the sufferings of so many in the world? It is our duty to include one and all in our daily prayers for their ailments. Only through this actwe can show our gratitude towards Eshwar.
    Pray for others is a very noble thing which gives immense peace to oneself in return.
    Even God pleases when we pray for others.
    Prayer of a noble person has a great power,as it works faster.
    Effective prayer for others will bring us closer to God.
    The prayers should mainly be for spiritual blessings.
    अपने से ज्यादा दूसरों के लिए किए गए दुवा जल्दी कबूल होतीहै ।🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः,सर्वे सन्तु निरामया।
    सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद् दुःख भाग्भवेत्।
    स्वामी जी का यही सन्देश कि निष्काम भाव से सर्व जन के लिए की गयी शुभेच्छा (दुआ) परमात्मा सदैव ही फलीभूत करते हैं।
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में वन्दन करता हूँ।

  7. Beautiful message by Swamiji!!!…Sincere Prayers and blessings have immense power…Rising above the Self one must be concerned about the well-being of the universe as a whole..Thank you again Swamiji for guiding us..🙏🙏🙏

  8. अपने से ज्यादा दूसरों के लिए किए गए दुवा जल्दी कबूल होतीहै

  9. दुआएं भी दवा बन जाती है ।
    स्वामीजी को कोटि कोटि प्रणाम

  10. Excellent message.. power of Prayer and practicing the art of selflessness beautifully explained.. Jai Swamy Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

  11. Such a beautiful message by Swami ji
    Prayer for welfare of all to the almighty is the best thing a person can do
    Pranaam Swami Ji 🙏🏻

  12. Very true, we should inculcate such good thoughts in ourselves by praying for others well being. Thank you swamyji for guiding us with these thoughts and bringing us more closer to yourself and God.

  13. बहुत अच्छा सन्देश है यह
    दुआएं कभी बेकार नहीं जाती, दूसरों के भलाई की दुआ तो सबसे पहले पूरी होती है
    पुरे संसार के लिए यह योगदान तो हम सब को करना ही चाहिए
    स्वामी जी की कृपा हमेशा बनी रहे 🙏🙏

  14. Wonderful message by our beloved swamiji who is an epitome of love and compassion who always showers his blessings on mankind. He is a perfect example of giving “DUAA” to all.

    🙏🙏🙏ॐ स्वामीजी श्री अजय गुरूदेवाऐ नम: 🙏🙏🙏

  15. Great message by Swamiji.. He always motivates us to think positive for others. Purity in our thoughts bring back blessings from Almighty… Pranam Gurudev…

  16. Pranam swamiji, every word from you brings courage, direction and hope for all of us. Plz be with us always.

  17. Om gurudevo namaha. How beautifully it is said. These guidelines mean a lot to me. Since I have meet Swamiji. I really have learnt a lot n always have tried to live upto his expectations. He has been lifeline since the day I have meet him. He has been my guru, my mom, my dad he means the world to me. His words are full n final command for me. Very nicely he has put n I have experienced it before also n shared with Swamiji also. It’s so true when u pray for others happiness God is always watching to protect u n happiness comes on its own. Pray selflessly for others n do not expect anything from others bcoz when ever you expect u get hurt, so it is better not to expect n pray believe me it will reap u soooo much benefits. As u must have heard. What u do comes back to u. So don’t forget that we are children of Swamiji n blessed with a boon of protection, love ,concern ,compassion which we get from him. So let’s all follow his wonderful preachings n make him feel proud.

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