‘Aadhyatmik ‘guru’ aur ‘bhakt’ ‘

Swamiji says ….

” Devotees play a very important role in taking a spiritual guru’s name to greater heights…”
“‘Aadhyatmik’ guru ka naam, apne ‘bhakton’ ke diye huey maan-sammaan dwaara jaana jaata hai …”

“Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara,
Guru saakshaat para Brahma, tasmay shri guruve namah …”
” ‘Anant anaadi kaal se sant, rishi, muniyon ke aadar mein, unki prashansa mein, unke maan – sammann mein, yeh shabd, dharti par goonjey hain, aur insaan ne unnhey alag, alag naam se sambhodit kiya hai.’ Some devotees addressed them as ‘Guruji’, some as ‘Swamiji’, and some even referred to them as ‘Bhagwaan’!”

“The rich, fertile soil of our country bears testimony to the indelible, divine footprints of some of the greatest sages and saints, who had crisscrossed the vast area of Mother Earth, over the ages, imparting every grain of knowledge that had been inherited by them, in the form of the most valuable spiritual legacy, from their enlightened ‘gurus’. It is rightly said – ‘Guru bin gyan nahi ‘ and a few blessed fortunate souls who had enjoyed the rare privilege of being handpicked by the greatest ‘gurus’ of a particular time period – had ecstatically soaked in every syllable of spiritual knowledge that was enunciated to them personally by their ‘guru’; had also shared the same holy space in which their ‘guru’ – the representative of God – resided; had inhaled the same air that was breathed by their most learned ‘gurus’ and personally experienced the spiritual aura of their ‘Teachers’. These blessed souls had understood the core message of the ‘guru mantra’ that was whispered in their ear by their revered and esteemed ‘guru’ and on realizing the wealth of True Knowledge -‘gyan’ ka anmol khazaana joh unhe apne ‘guruji’ se praapt hua tha ‘ – that had been absorbed by them, awoke to the true purpose of their life – To spread the message of their ‘gurus’ far and wide ; as far as the eye could see.”

“These noble, selfless souls had willingly taken upon themselves the sacred duty of introducing the simple, relatable and practical teachings of their ‘gurus’ to all those
who were not as privileged as them, and left no stone unturned in spreading the name of their ‘guru’ far and wide. ‘Guru’ was God for them and they immersed themselves completely in serving Him, oblivious to their own physical or material needs; set aflame by the burning desire to illuminate and enlighten the entire world with the light of ‘guru gyan’ aur ‘guru’ ke gunn bhajney mein, apne aap ko bhula dete thay !”

” ‘Jis tarah ‘Bhagwan’ bin ‘bhakt’ nahi, ussi tarah ‘ ‘bhakt’ bin ‘Bhagwaan’ nahi!’
The name of the ‘guru’, ‘Swami’ or ‘Bhagwaan’ is remembered for eternity and transcends both time and space. But do we ever try to go beyond the greatness of the ‘guru’, and reflect as to who made His Name, His Grace, His merciful and forgiving temperament known to the world? Do we give credit to those who truly deserve it? Are we grateful to His ‘shishya’ – devotees – for emphasizing that their ‘guru’s’ knowledge is incomparable; His love and compassion, unsurpassable; and His inspirational teachings as soul- enlightening !”

“ ‘Bhakt ke dwaara hee ‘Bhagwaan’ aur ‘Guru’ jaane jaatey hain!’
Time has been a silent witness to the tireless effort, selfless service, total surrender, complete involvement, devotion, and dedication of devotees that has made it possible for future generations to be acquainted with the worthiness and Godliness of their ‘guru’. Can the Earth resound with the reverberations of the name of a ‘guru’ unless His devotees have sung His name with a pure and devout heart, lovingly weaving lyrics, praising His lofty ideals and teachings? It has always been divine love, unswerving – but not blind faith, that the devoted, loyal ‘bhakts’ nurse for their Gurus – “’jinhone apne ‘guru ‘ ka naam aagey badhaya tha’.”

“Devotees – pure hearted and pious, untouched by fatigue and tiredness, derive divine pleasure in chanting, worshipping and offering prayers to God and Guru…’ Agar bhakt na pooje, toh Bhagwaan aur ‘guru’ ka naam sansaar kaise jaanta!’ Thus, the pivotal role that has been played by devotees should neither be underplayed nor ignored. ‘ ‘Bhakt’ aur ‘shishya’ ka darzaa bhi bahut ooncha hota hai! ‘ The pure, divine, uplifting love that develops between a ‘guru’ and His obedient ‘shishya’, between God and His ardent ‘bhakt’ – ties them, connects them with an inseparable bond – where the ‘shishya’ does not tire of serving his Guru, as the seeds of knowledge that were sown in him, by his ‘guru’, start blossoming and enable him to experience spiritual ecstasy. The devoted ‘bhakt’ rejoices in the hours spent in the divine aura of his ‘ishta dev’, repeats his chosen deity’s name with utmost sincerity and reverence, and realizes that the repetition of God’s name is purifying him as his soul is being cleansed in the process.
“’Bhakt’ ke dwaara hee ‘Bhagwaan’ aur ‘ guru’ jaane jaatey hain, pehchaane jaate hain!”

“ ‘Sant’ hee ‘sant’ nahi hota, ‘guru’ hee ‘guru’ nahi hota , agar ‘bhakt’ nahi hotey… ‘Bhakt’ bahut achche hotey hain !’ – and if it was not for the determination and focus with which such faithful devotees had channelled the divine love and faith that they bore for their ‘guru’, energetically and enthusiastically; it would not have been possible for the world to know about their ‘guru’ and His Grace.”

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  1. Pranam swamiji. .
    Aap hain to jeevan jeene ki ek anupam shakti aur ek adwityia khushi, dono hi prapt hoti hai..

    Main phir se khaunga,
    Guru gobind.. Dou..


    Gurur brhama gurur vishnu.. .

    Hamne kitna anand aur pyar apse paya hai, yeh hamari atma janti hai..

    Saton janam main aap ka saath aur aap milein. Aisa ashirwad dijiye prabhu. .

    Pranam and Love swamiji

  2. Guru bina Gyan nahi, Gyan bina Tap nahi, Tap bina Moksh nahi.
    Spiritual Guru is the one who imparts various kind of knowledge to His disciples, Guru is Supreme, Guru is God.

    Aise Adhyatmik Guru ke aj ke sandesh me devotee ko param sthan mila h, Guru khte h ki bhakto ke bina Guru ki pehchan nahi.
    Vastav me ye Guru ko bhakt ka Pyar v Samman dene ka tarika h.

    Aisa Pyar v Samman na kahi suna, na kahi pada.
    Swamiji is Unique, Swamiji is incomparable.

    Jai Gurudev.

  3. Guru bina jeewan adhura, par kya hum apne bhakta hone ka daayitava nibha rahe hai…main to nahin…a lot can be done…together.

  4. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Heart touching message.Swamiji without you nothing would have been possible the gyan,love,support,words of encouragement and on the top of everything your unconditional concern and compassion for each one of us has lead into this undefined bond of Guru and Shishya. Guru bin gyan nahi,aur gyan bin Bhakt Kahan.Jiss ko yeh anmol Ratan Guru mill jata hai uski zindagi aur sochney ka tariqa hi alag ho jata hai.
    Throughout my years spent with you I have really grown in all the spheres.
    I would like to conclude by saying.

    Jisney eek saccha Guru pàa liya usney mano sansar paà liya .Mata,pita,bachey,aur dost tu sabhi key hotey hai lakin “Guru ka bhagya”Sabko Nahi Milta.yeh Jeewan Sudharney ko.

    Om Gurudevo Namaha

  5. So fortunate to have Swamiji as Guru🙏🏻
    His sandesh and teachings have always lit our lives showing us the right path in any situation.
    Dhanyvad Swamiji🙏🏻

  6. The Guru is a dispeller of darkness (from gu, ‘darkness’ and ru, ‘that which dispels’. He who faithfully follows a true Guru becomes like him, for the Guru helps to elevate the disciple to his own level of realisation.

    Are we doing enough to promote the teachings of Swamiji. Perhaps no. Atleast I am not. We flock to him only in times of adversity.

    Thank you Swamiji for nudging us to introspect.

    Thank you again for your guidance. Grateful as always.

  7. World knows the GURU through His shishyas’ conduct.
    Therefore we should be careful on what we speak and what we do so that people get the right impression of our Swamiji.

    Pranam Prabhu.

  8. सीधे गुरु के मुख से अपने भक्तों के प्रति प्यार व प्रशंश….वोह,धन्य हैं ऐसे भक्त ।
    Swamiji repeatedly says ‘Guru bin gyaan nahi’. How very lucky we are to sit in the same room where our Swamiji talks with the divine souls and spends his time with Devi, Devtaas. Is the divine place any less than Kashi Vishwanadh Mandir or Tirupati Balaji Mandir or Maa Vaishno Devi temple?!
    There are countless ‘Gurus’ on this earth. But ‘Guru tattva’ is one. Many times I wonder when I read about Sri Rama Krishna Parama Hansa or Ramana Maharshi ( once I told Swamiji about Ramana Maharishi and showed his photo…Swamiji beamed and said..ये तो हमारे तीर्थंकर जैसे लग रहे हैं) or Kanchi Paramacharya (here I want to share what Swamiji told us some time ago..that Kanchi Paramacharya Sri Chandrashekhara Bharathi Swami used to send the pooja kumkum to our Swamiji (at that time Swamiji was around 7yrs old) and Swamiji used to send the kumkum to patients in various hospitals)., or Paramahansa Yogananda…I feel pleasantly surprised to read these great Guru’s teachings, because the same things even our Swamiji said many a time. Many times I feel…arre, yeh tho Swamiji ne kaha tha.. This is because the ‘gurutattva’ is same.
    Really, we should make our Swamiji feel proud of all of us by following his principles n his teachings.
    Swamiji ki jai ho…

  9. So true. We r lucky to be blessed by Guruji.🙏🙏 He takes care of us all the time. Thank you Guruji.ॐ Swami Ji Shri Ajay Guru Devay Namah

  10. गुरु और भगवान की पहचान कराने वाले तो भक्त ही होते हैं ध्रुव और प्रहलाद जैसे भक्तों ने श्री हरि की महिमा को हम सबसे अवगत कराया 🙏
    यह भक्तों का दायित्व है कि वे सदैव गुरू का गुणगान करे, गुरुदेव के सन्देश को सर्वाधिक व सर्वस्थानों पर फैलाये ।
    गुरूभक्ति ही श्रीहरि परमात्मा की पूजा है ।
    स्वामीजी से विनति है कि हमें अपनी भक्ति व चरणकमलों का प्रसाद देते रहें ।
    जय पूज्यपाद गुरुदेवजी

  11. in these days of lockdown to be guided and have a true Guru is so important and with Shri Guru Ajay Swamiji one feels so protected and strong. This is care rare and each word spoken carries so much solace and wisdom. To continue to put such thoughts for us bhakts at this troubled times is so supportive and kind. Jai Shri Ajay Guru Swamiji

  12. What a lovely message by our beloved Swamiji !! This is also swamijis grace that we love him so much.

    Om Swami Shri Ajay Guru Devaya Namah

  13. Aaj Swamiji ne bhakton ki prashamsa karke hum Sabko apne aur paas le liya….
    Hume gyaan hi nahi, Swamiji ka pyaar bhi koot koot ke mila hai… We are really grateful to have you in our lives Swamiji.. your talks encourage us more and more to be good and do good…
    Jai gurudev

  14. I have no words to express the gratitude, Gurudev Swamiji has bestowed His Blessings and Grace upon devotees, which is immense and incomparable.

  15. Apne bhaktonko itna ooncha darja dena sirf Swamyji hi karsakte hai. Hum sab bhakt dhany hogaye Swamyji. 🙏🙏🙏

  16. We all are truly blessed to have you as our Guru Swamyji. The knowledge given by you reminds us to be more kind, generous towards people. Aapke diya hua gyan anmol hai jiski wajah se hi hum sahi raaste par chal rahe hai.

    When we share your gyan to the world, there are no discussions or second thoughts on that as this knowledge is so correct and pure. We all are lucky that we are getting this precious Gyan from you.

    Aapka aashirvaad aise hi milte rahe Swamyji…..

    Pranam gurudev
    Om Swamy Ajay gurudevaya namaha

  17. Dhanyawaad Swamiji… You have shown and taught us a different perspective about the Guru-Devootee relationship. We are always indebted to your preachings.

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