" A friend who stands by you in your hour of need is your true friend ! "" Dost woh achcha hai jo mushkil samay mein saath deta hai ! " Swamiji says … " Friends … Best friends ! Friendship ! For a minute try to visualize a life in which you don't have... Continue Reading →


In Spanish Enfado In French Colère In Japanese 怒り Ikari In Arabic غضب ghadab Swamiji says … "Anger … Fury…Rage… Temper … All of us - without exception - have experienced these emotions whenever they raise their wicked little heads within us. They arise when the individual they reside in , has been scorned, insulted,... Continue Reading →

Lead a less Materialistic Lifestyle – Instead build influence through kindness

In Spanish Lleva un estilo de vida menos materialista: en lugar de eso, crea influencia a través de la amabilidad In French Mener un style de vie moins matérialiste - Construisez plutôt une influence par la gentillesse In Japanese 唯物論的なライフスタイルを減らす-代わりに優しさを通して影響力を築く Yuibutsurontekina raifusutairu o herasu - kawari ni yasashi-sa o tōshite eikyō-ryoku o kizuku In Arabic... Continue Reading →

“Ishta Dev”

"Each one of you should cherish , treasure one particular deity as your 'ishta dev' and see Him - His form in all other dieties…" " Har ek insaan ko ek ' dev ' ko apna 'ishta dev' zaroor maan kar chalna chahiye aur unhi ke roop mein aur sab ko dekhna chahiya !" Swamiji... Continue Reading →


In Spanish Soledad In French Solitude In Japanese 孤独 Kodoku In Arabic عزلة eazala "You should unfailingly take out half an hour everyday , to spend it all by yourself - with only yourself - in order to understand who you are and what is the true purpose of your life." Swamiji says… “Man is... Continue Reading →

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