” A friend who stands by you in your hour of need is your true friend ! “
” Dost woh achcha hai jo mushkil samay mein saath deta hai ! “

Swamiji says …

” Friends … Best friends ! Friendship ! For a minute try to visualize a life in which you don’t have any friends – those special individuals who mean the world to you as they understand you like no one else , who are loyal to you , who not only accept you the way you are , but also tell you what they think of you and who invariably walk in when the rest of the world walks out on you. Can you imagine living a life devoid of such amazing people? Names and faces of all those happy – go – lucky , carefree individuals who unfailingly bring joy and cheer in your life , whenever you meet them , are treasured by you as you share a bond so strong with them that, at times, you value it more than the relationship that you have with your family members. Friends ! The mere thought of them; the memories of the unforgettable times that you have enjoyed with them brings a smile to your face , and you relive those moments as vividly and clearly as if it were yesterday. Your friends are very dear to you – so dear , that your siblings, who are naturally possessive about you , feel overshadowed by their presence in your life, as they feel that the love and affection that is exclusively theirs, is being unnecessarily divided and shared between them and your friends.”

“The wonderful years that you spent together as you grew up – seeing each other’s baby faces and senseless antics evolve into adults with a confident demeanor; the close and constant interaction with those few friends , in particular , with whom you shared your dreams and innermost secrets – are printed for eternity in the album of your memories.
You looked forward eagerly to meeting them and spending hours in their company. You grew up cherishing their presence in your life, counted on their rock solid support and knew that you could rely on them with everything that you possessed – even with your life.”

“We take great pride in the number of friends that we have , and proclaim to one and all about the number of friends we have – be it our childhood friends, classmates, batch mates or friends in our neighborhood. The list could be long and impressive and the who’s who of society could be on your list of friends. But the true worth and strength of this friendship is put to test when one faces a rough patch, finds oneself in a situation so difficult and adverse , that one sees no hope of coming out of it unscathed. The nature of these difficulties could be as diverse as an imminent emotional breakdown, failing health or a financial mess; and it is then that one needs the support , succor and strength of his friends.The behaviour and attitude of those very friends who had enjoyed life to the hilt on being wined and dined by you , on whom you had magnanimously spent a fortune during your good days – will speak louder than words at this crossroad of your life. Do those friends stand shoulder to shoulder – looking unflinchingly at the eye of the storm, as it casts its ominous dark shadow on their troubled friend? Do they share the severity, the magnitude of the humungous problem from which there is no escape for their friend and offer him their unconditional support ? “Kya woh tumhein uss samay aashwaasan dete hain ki woh tumhare saath khadey huey hain?”

” You are not looking for any monetary help from your friends during such moments of distress and dire need – as that is the last thing that you require from them. It might not be possible for a friend to assist you financially …’ Unke paas itna samarthya hi nahi ho ki woh tumhari madad kar sakein ‘ – and that should suit you fine , as you do not want any financial assistance from him.
‘Tumhe apne dukh , kasht aur bimaari ke samay unke sahare ke alava kuch aur nahi chahiye.’ All that one needs from one’s friends is their support – emotional strength to help him tide through the crisis – to feel that they care for him and will stand by him during his hour of need. You want to see your friends sit next to you; hug you , feel their presence around you , when you are unwell and waging a tough battle all by yourself. On many such occasions, it so happens that many friends just go off the radar –are nowhere to be seen – as they are petrified at the thought of some ill luck of yours rubbing onto them , and fearful that an unseen tragedy could befall them due to the spate of difficulties that have sprouted up , all of a sudden , from nowhere to challenge you.”

“A true friend … a Real friend is one who will stand along with you, like a pillar of support – quietly , and help you in a way needed most by you – by letting you know that he is just a call away and is at your service, irrespective of the time or day. Ironical as it may sound, but many a times there is not a single person – not an extra hand – available to either take a sick friend to the hospital or get the injection needed, urgently and desperately, for him. Do you have a friend who will listen to you as you vent and pour out your worries and anxieties to him? Will he find time to sit by you day after day as you recoup and recover from a life threatening disease? Do you have friends who are truly yours? “

“Your true, real friend is a ‘saccha sant’ who takes – and will always take care of you in ways – through means known only to Him. He will never leave you alone and uncared for – but will always stand by you , watch over you , encourage you to understand, accept and face the changing colors of your life , with confidence and composure , as your ‘karma’ plays out before you in this lifetime.”

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  1. Truly amazing ….never thought of Guru as a dost but thats the fact of the matter….only a true saint has the resilience to stand by you in times of distress.

  2. Pranam Swamiji..
    Ever since i met you then who else as friend and confidant remained? May be yes, but you have been the one who stood by, heard and always said,sab theek kar dunga..
    I am so glad, atleast itna to satkarm tha pichle janam mein, ki is janam mein aap se milna hua..

    Plz, apna ashirwad rakhna, ki sanmati bani rahi, karam acchey hon ki aapka saath na chhootey..

    Bahut bahut pyar and samman..
    Love you Swamiji

  3. Our best is our dear Swamiji. We have many friends but sachcha dost is our Guru, our beloved Swamiji, who is always with us everywhere. Jai Gurudev

  4. A friend in need is friend indeed.
    Swamiji you are always with us.
    Apka ashirvad hum par sda sda bna rhe.
    Jai Gurudev

  5. Like Sri Krishna and Kuchela, our Swamiji is our dearest friend. He laughs with us in our happy moods , consoles and gives strength to us in our tough times….He is there always for us!! How proud we feel for you Swamiji!! Har janam mein aap hee ki dosti maangtee hun! Pranam Swamiji!!

  6. Om gurudevo namaha so beautifully said. I am so sure that there can not be any friend greater than Swamiji. I know heart in hearts that swamiji is always there to share, help and is most close to my heart. There can be no friend like Swamiji who is always there in my dukh and sukh with me, he always guides me and he never leaves me isolated when I am upset. He is my biggest friend in the whole universe. What I can talk n share with him I can’t talk to anyone, the biggest thing is I can fight also and throw tantrums in front of him. He has really changed my life and accepted me as I am. Love you Swamiji for giving me place in ur heart as ur shishya I am really blessed n greatful to u for being there always in all forms. There can be no friend and guru greater than Swamiji.

  7. तुम्ही माता,तुम्ही पिता,तुम्ही बन्धु,तुम्ही सखा हो।स्वामी ऐसे सखा हैं जो अपनी ओर से कभी हाथ नहीं छोड़ते। गुरूवर डोर थामे रखना।
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।

  8. A Guru is somebody who takes your life, not somebody who offers you comfort. He is somebody who takes you, completely destroys and demolishes you in every way, and still he is your friend.

    Generally a friend is a person who supports your ego and to that extent may not be good for you. But a Guru is a friend who demolishes your ego and will be there always in your times of need.

  9. By God’s grace we have been blessed with great friends..but the divine friendship of Swamiji !!!!…just by accepting us mere devotees, has to be the most cherished of them all.. surrendering at your lotus feet Swamiji🙏🙏🙏

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