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A beautiful compilation of experiences of Swamiji’s devotees, that can be best described as ‘magical’ is there for all to read. There experiences are personal, heart-touching and nothing short of life altering!

The 26 sharing in this book have written in a easy non- formal approach. The devotees have no made no attempt to intellectualise, philosophise or conceptualise. The language is simple, the grammar is not Wren and Martin perfect, many a times one can sense that the devotee is groping to find the best phrase and word, even the thoughts, at times, seem a bit disorganised. But all this, I feel, is just fine, for who said love has a language and moreover how can one look and impose rules to define and describe a Treasure Divine : Swami Ajay Jain.


The book is not for sale and is only meant for private distribution. If you wish to read it, please share your details and we will get back to you at the earliest!



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