” Man listens to all that is true – the Truth and abides by it , but is unable to accept the complete, Real Truth…” “Insaan ‘satya’ toh sun leta hai , parantu ‘sampoorna satya’ nahi sun na chahata …”

Swamiji says …

” ‘Satya vachan bolo ! ‘ ‘Satya vachan suno’…’ ‘Satya ke maarg par chalo!’ These words are etched in our memory as our parents had constantly reminded us to be truthful and honest. They had emphasised on the importance of speaking the truth – only the truth ; cultivating friendship and spending time with children who spoke the truth ; imbibing their good habits and sound character. We were greatly influenced by the ideals and principles that our parents had ingrained in us and lived a disciplined life based on the foundation of truth and honesty.”

“But as we grow up, we either knowingly or unknowingly, transform into individuals who want to listen to ‘satya’ – ‘Truth’ that pleases us , appeases us and sounds like music to our ears. And nothing pleases us more than listening to words praising us , appreciating us and complimenting us. ‘Hum woh satya sun na chahte hain jo humein achcha lagta hai.” For instance – I somehow form an impression about myself that ‘I am good’ and my opinion about myself is validated further , when
people around me acknowledge the same and say – ‘You are good !’- How do I feeI then ! I am thrilled beyond words and feel very happy on being appreciated by them. But , on the contrary, if someone says to me – ‘ You could be better ‘ which is the real truth as there is room for improvement in me … ‘joh sampoorna satya hai’ – Lo and behold, I act as though the sky has fallen on me ! How could anything be wrong with a creation as perfect as me ! We develop an immediate dislike for that person and his advice, disapprove of him and loathe him for his unwanted sermon.”

“It is only if we stop seeing ourselves, for a fraction of a second, through rose tinted glasses, and understand that the good soul was actually trying to be our benefactor by trying to help us – by drawing our attention to our shortcomings , to improve ourselves in the best possible manner and turn into better individuals.”

” In order to rise above this lack of awareness and ignorance, we have to develop a big heart , the courage, the tolerance to listen to the ‘Real’ Truth when people say – ‘You are wrong!’ – when you are actually doing something against your ethics. It is during such moments that you must possess the grace to accept and correct yourself, when a person who cares for you, reminds you – ‘The path taken by you is one of dishonesty.You must retrace your steps from this path.” It is possible that if you are honest to yourself, you too can discern deep within your conscience, that your hands are stained with corrupt practices, and on understanding the sincerity of that person’s appeal , you can undoubtedly, change yourself for the better and turn into a new leaf.”

“None of us are strangers to ourselves and nobody knows us better than we know ourselves. We know ourselves in and out. The good and bad qualities that we possess … our strengths and weaknesses…
‘humare gun aur avgun’ – are very well known to us …but we are deliberately unmindful of our bad qualities, and rejoice in being what we our. If any person has the gumption to point out our flailing to us…to tell us on our face about our shortcomings , we are offended, hurt and are more than ready to hit him for doing so.”

” What is the reaction of a thief on being called a thief ? He refutes the allegation and vehemently resists wearing the title awarded to him by us ! He doesn’t like being called a thief, although that is exactly how he behaves in order to sustain himself. Stealing , robbing, cheating ! But , in hindsight, it is highly possible that he could be deeply affected by the distasteful manner in which people and society refer to him and he could work afresh, think on positive lines and make a new beginning on realising that the short cut that was being taken by him to make money was erroneous and , henceforth , the task of putting his house in order becomes his topmost priority. Thus ‘sampoorna satya’ – or complete truth can be elevating and uplifting for some”.

“Our behaviour , attitude and mindset, in our day to day life situations, about not being able to accept and absorb the complete truth, ‘sampoorna satya’ about ourselves as individuals , can be understood, as we are susceptible to human weaknesses…but what is beyond one’s understanding is – our inability to accept the only Real Truth about us , the Final Reality – ‘We take birth to die one day ! ‘ – ‘Jab janam hai, toh maran bhi hai!’ The words – ‘We take birth’ is a truth ; but Man seems to forget the complete Truth – that death is the only reality – and he lives life, as if he will live forever. A loved one could be suffering with a terminal disease and we know that his days are numbered , but we continue to give him false hope … ‘ ‘jhooti tassalli’ by saying that nothing will happen to him and all will be well and he will be fine. ‘Tum tab bhi us insaan ko satya se avgat nahi karva te ho ! ‘ Do you really think that you can provide him with ‘amrit’ – the nectar of immortality ? Can anybody evade death? Nobody – No saint, fakir nor angel can look death in the eye and say – ‘I will never die’.”

“You have taken birth to do good ! ‘Neki karne ke liye janm liya hai tum ne’. Thus your aim should be to lead a pure and honest life , to help and guide those who have gone astray – onto the path of goodness once again. The joy derived in understanding and accepting Truth , not in parts, but as a complete whole, in all its hues…black, white or grey, is worth experiencing as it makes life easier to understand and more enjoyable.”

19 thoughts on “” Man listens to all that is true – the Truth and abides by it , but is unable to accept the complete, Real Truth…” “Insaan ‘satya’ toh sun leta hai , parantu ‘sampoorna satya’ nahi sun na chahata …”

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  1. So true.
    We must evaluate ourselves by separating us from ourselves. We must be able to see ourselves by separating from the ourself. Then only we can see where we lack. That’s the way forward.

  2. We should watch our shortcomings. Them only there is scope for improvement.
    Pranam Swamiji.

  3. Truth is the most bitter to accept, swallow and digest. Let’s analyze ourselves and learn to hear and digest the truth with tolerance.
    Pranaam Swamiji 🙏🏻

  4. Thank you Swamiji for such an eye opening thought and guiding us about the true language of real truth 🙏

  5. One should always remember that birth is truth but death is complete truth.
    Life is learning process.
    Jai Swamiji

  6. Jai gurudevo namaha. What a lovely n truth preaching. Swamiji has always guided us and taught us Sooo many things. Which are good for us to grow in our lives and overcome the obstacles and happenings in our lives
    In my 52 yrs of life I have never spoken lies. As mentioned by swamiji that parents first instilled in my childhood. Then when I was growing I meet swamiji meet me. With his blessings n teachings I learned to except my faults and overcome my shortcomings. It sounds very bitter and it is difficult to practice but with swamijis grace and blessings I was able to except my faults and I could listen to people which helped me to grow and become strong as I would work on myself. In today’s date I can listen things about myself but I can’t listen about others. I helped everybody to grow as I wanted them stand different from the crowd. While I was doing this I felt the kind of human Revolution happening in me. I am very calm, I can’t hurt anyone, I have become compassionate I want to see everyone happy and try to make everyone happy with my actions. My life has changed totally. Swamijis every word I take very seriously as he means the world to me.life is a continuous process where we keep on learning. I have always learned and all the credit goes to Swamiji not to give up ever. I bow my head on his lotus feet and I am proud to be a part of his Darbar. He is my life and source of inspiration for me to live today. Thank you soooooo much Swamiji for showering ur blessings on me and reminding me everytime.

  7. हमे हमेशा जीवन मे आगे बढ़ने का सही मार्ग दिखाने के लिए बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद गुरूवर ।

  8. The best laboratory in which to test the truth is your own self-realization.
    Truth is eternal. It will keep on manifesting eternally, through cosmic law and through enlightened human beings. Absolute truth is something that is true at all times and in all places. It is a fact that can not be changed. If truth is not absolute it is not truth at all.
    As our beloved Swamiji said, our aim should be to lead a pure and honest life. For that I pray Swamiji to give us all the required strength….
    On Swami Ajay Guru Devaay namah.

  9. Pranaam Swamiji 🙏🙏… Absolutely divine message..The ultimate truth of life..Death!!.. and there is no escapism..hence Swamiji with your blessings and guidance will follow the honest and truthful path for betterment of those in need.

  10. Truth is a bitter pill to swallow but like the power of pill, that cures various diseases in us, truth will enable us to get out of all illusions and stay in reality leading to happy and satisfied life. Well reiterated and narrated by Swamiji… Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha…

  11. ऐसा आचरण तो कोई बुद्ध पुरुष ही कर सकता है, कोई आम आदमी नहीं कर सकता।
    जय गुरुदेव।

  12. सत्यमेव जयते।
    हमारा अहंकार हमें सत्य से दूर रखता है।सत्य कोई एक निश्चित सीमा नहीं है जिसे छू कर हम सत्य की पूर्ण प्राप्ति हो जाने का दम्भ कर लें।सत्य तो बस सत्य ही है जिसके हम साक्षी हो सकते है या उसके सानिध्य के लिए सदैव प्रयासरत।सत्य हमें बलशाली बनाता है।
    स्वमी जी ने सत्य की जो रश्मियां दी हैं वह हमारे जीवन का उद्धार करने वाली है।
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।

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