‘ Tark … Vitark ‘

Swamiji says … " Listen to the good that others want to teach you, without getting into an argument." " Logon ki achchai ko grahan karo … Bekaar mein tark vitark mat karo !" " Arguments … We love to get into an argument at the drop of a hat ! Don't we ? Illogical,... Continue Reading →


Swamiji says … " Do not waste your life by letting lethargy and laziness get the better of you."" 'Aalas' humey deemak ki tarah jakad leta hai aur hum uske shikaar ho jaate hain ! ' " Laziness… Lethargy … Dullness… Inactivity ! The whimsical desire to do nothing ; nothing at all, at times,... Continue Reading →


Swamiji says … " Free yourself from attachment to illusionary wealth and beauty. Do good , be good and develop an attachment to God ." " Na 'kaya', na 'maya' - kuch kaam nahi aata hai , sivaay humarein 'achche vicharon' ke aur 'nek raaste' par chalney ke…" " Lure of the lucre - the... Continue Reading →


Swamiji says … " The raucous cacophony of raised, angry, loud voices can be heard anywhere and everywhere these days. We don't have to strain our ears much to hear voices - impatient , shouting and yelling at each other - each trying to drown the other voice. Soft, gentle, polite voices have been stifled... Continue Reading →

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