Swamiji says …

” Free yourself from attachment to illusionary wealth and beauty. Do good , be good and develop an attachment to God .”

” Na ‘kaya’, na ‘maya’ – kuch kaam nahi aata hai , sivaay humarein ‘achche vicharon’ ke aur ‘nek raaste’ par chalney ke…”

” Lure of the lucre – the insatiable yearning to be extremely wealthy and accumulate unlimited possessions – suppplemented with an incessant need to maintain alluring, good looks – to look good and young , always, has had a stranglehold on man since eternity. Man has been trapped in its web, forever, and he loves to get enveloped in it – happily and knowingly all the time. ‘Insaan ‘mayajaal’ mein phansta jaata hai.’ He starts believing that he has taken birth only to enjoy ‘maya’and ‘kaaya’ and he makes them the pivots on which his life revolves.”

“Man enjoys living in this make believe, false , illusionary world of ‘maya’. There is no other world that he aspires to inhabit, as this world of ‘maya’ deliberately misleads him, and makes him oblivious of the stark reality that he has a very short innings to play in this game of life, and that a day will dawn when he will have to depart from this world and neither ‘maya’ nor ‘kaya’ will accompany him. He will leave everything that he considers, and calls his own, behind – one day. “

” The darkness of ignorance blinds him completely – so much so , that he fails to understand that when even his own shadow which is an inseparable part of him, is always with him – can leave him , desert him on a moonless , pitch – dark night and is nowhere to be seen, then ; is there anything else that he can boastfully say is truly ‘His’, and something that will never leave him.’Uski chhaya bhi andhere mein uska saath chhor deti hai.’ “

“Man identifies himself with his physical being , his personality , his looks. The more attractive he is , the more he has to be proud and pleased about. After all , he is so good looking ; that is what his reflection in the mirror assures him of, as he preens at himself and gives himself a thumbs up sign in approval. His great looks boost his confidence and he develops a swag , convinced that his appealing , irresistible looks are here to stay, for ever and ever. But then we are not ageless and the ‘physical’ being will age and follow its natural process of death and decay. Shortly, wrinkles and laughter lines will cause furrows on our face, and the face that had once launched a thousand ships, will neither be the center of attention nor the cause of envy to anyone. So, our ‘kaaya’ also doesn’t stay with us permanently – ‘Kya reh jaata hai us insaan ke pass joh sochta hai ki woh jeevan bhar sundar hi rahega!”

” And , in case , one is ‘fortunate’ enough to have a fat bank balance, and also attains an affluent status – where he gets opportunities to hobnob with the who’s who of society , it doesn’t take too long for the narcissist in him to start suffering with vain pretensions, and, assume falsely, that he has become a permanent citizen of this materialistic blissful haven. But then once again , there is no escaping the Real Truth that ‘maya, aishwarya aur dhan , yeh bhi tumhein tyaag deti hain. Insaan ke saath kya reh jaata hai … Kuch nahi !”

” We should try to seek redemption from the suffering and unbearable sorrow that is caused unnecessarily to us – as we attach ourselves to anything and everything around us. It would be best for us to accept , at the earliest , the bitter but Real truth of the transient nature of things around us. Only an individual who allows good , pure thoughts to reign supreme in his mind – who only thinks for the good and betterment of others – ‘aur achche , nek raaste par chalta hai ‘ – one in whom there is nothing but goodness, and who is neither attached to ‘maya’ nor ‘kaya’ – can enjoy and experience Supreme bliss, both, in this world, as well as in his afterlife. ‘Aise insaan ka , chahey woh jitna bhi buzurg ho – ya apahij ho, uska ‘yahan’ par bhi aur ‘wahan’ par bhi sampoorna uddhaar ho jata hai ! Unhe na ‘maya’ se , na ‘kaaya’ se koi matlab hai…’ Unhe sevak mil jaate hain jo unki seva kartein hain , log jo unko pyaar karte hain ! Aise log sada prasann rehte hain aur doosron ko bhi khush rakhte hain.’ “

” We have to rise above these physical and mental attachments that have been created by us, free ourselves from the bondage in which we find ourselves chained, and instead, develop a permanent attachment to God, and let our love for Him take over us completely.The rewards of this attachment are unimaginably divine.”

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  1. Amazing and awesome.

    Love you swamiji..

    Aap ka saath ho toh maya aur kaya, sab aapse neeche hain.

    Be with me forever and ever after, oh my beloved swamiji. .

  2. Thanks Swamiji for always guiding us towards the correct way of leaving life!!!

    I’m Shri Swami Ajaye Gurudevaye Namah 🙏🙏🙏💐💐💐

  3. By reading this message, I realized immense urge of redemption from the cycle of birth and death.
    The life should be lived on principle as narrated by our Beloved Swamiji.
    Jai Gurudev.

  4. The only thing that will accompany to the next janam is our karma, good and bad. So, it is wise to do only good karma now, and take God’s name continuously in this janam. Only this will reduce d suffering and increase the beauty of atman. Swamiji ko shat koti pranams for being a guide in life.

  5. The only thing that will accompany to the next janam is our karma, good and bad. So, is it not wise to do only good karma now and take God’s name continuously! This is the only way to reduce suffering and increase the beauty of the atman.
    Swamiji ko shat koti pranams for being a guide always.

  6. So true. We should not enjoy the Kaya n Maya.
    We should focus on good thoughts and good karmas. That gives real and everlasting joy. Swamiji Himself is the living example of that.

    Pranam Swamiji

  7. Your money and external appearance are transient. You may have both but still remain wretchedly unhappy. Do good, be rich in good deeds. Doing good deeds will not make you rich in possession but will surely enrich your soul.

    Thank you Swamiji for your guidance.

    Grateful as always.

  8. खल बल के साथ माया घेरे जो मुझको आके,
    तुम देर ना लगाना, झट आके बचा लेना,
    जय गुरुदेव ।

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