” There is a great difference between observing rituals and walking the spiritual path. Your aim should be to transition from a life steeped in rituals onto the path of spirituality – the only True path.”

Swamiji says …

” Our faith , our religion is determined the very moment we are born and it plays a very important role in influencing us and evolving us into individual personalities as we grow. The prayers said and sung by our family members in praise of God ; the manner in which the Almighty is worshipped by the elders of our family ; the rituals that are followed by them are keenly observed by us, right from our nascency, and we try our level best to emulate our parents and imbibe the teachings of all that our religion teaches and directs us to do. We, as children , find the ritualistic pattern very complicated in the beginning, but over a period of time, learn the art of performing the rituals that have been observed by the previous generations of our family.”

“It is extremely good to do all that you can do as an individual to portray our love and devotion for God…but whatever you do should be done with sincerity ; with a pure heart and without any expectations from Him. The love with which you weave garlands for your ‘ishta dev’ … ‘ishta devi’; the faith with which you conduct ‘katha” and ‘havans’ on auspicious days for your favourite deity ; the offerings that you make to God – should all be done with a pure heart. You should not be pretentious while serving God. No religious act of yours … no ritual performed by you should be coated with a selfish desire of benefiting monetarily or otherwise, but rather, performed reverentially with the intent of enabling you in establishing a personal rapport with God and to gain proximity with Him. ”Tum bhagwaan ke liye jo bhi karte ho , usme koi dhong nahi ho na chahiye…Sacche , saaf dil se bhagwaan ke liye har kaarya karo.”

” You try to tempt God , lure Him by offering Him gold … cajole Him to fulfil a long unfulfilled deisre of yours by making a financial deal with Him. ‘I will give you this IF you do that for me.’ Do you really think you can buy God ? And when things don’t work out the way you want them to .. then God really gets it from you. You curse Him , abuse Him, hold Him guilty for not giving you what you want…for not paying heed to your call … for not granting you your wish …for not giving you in return an equivalent amount of what you have offered Him as a bribe. Did He ask you to do anything for Him ? Does He need you or is it vice versa? Has He ever asked you for recognition in any way ?’ ‘Kya Bhagwaan ne kabhi tumhe kaha hai ki tum unhe maano ?’ It is you who needs Him…’Garaj insaan ki hai … Bhagwaan ki nahi.” You require Him. He does not ask you to take His name , remember Him. He has ‘devtas’ … demi-gods , ‘farishtey’ … angels to take His name and worship Him. ‘Jo ‘neeli chatriwalla’ hai …’sabka ‘maalik’ hai , unki aradhana karne ke liye sachche sant baithe huey hain’. He is not dependent on you for anything ? Would your barter system impress Him and make Him your subordinate and subservient to you ? “

“But the one and only thing in which He is actually interested and that would really make Him happy is when you make an earnest , honest and genuine attempt to draw Him within you …’jab tum apne andar Bhagwaan ko utaar te ho’ … and want to cleanse your soul from the layers of impurities that have nested on it .This is the only thing that He requires from you.But you fail to discern this simple requirement of His as you are busy blaming Him for every mishap or misfortune that takes place with you! Who has given you the authority and right to hold Him responsible for the hurdles, obstacles and difficulties that come your way and challenge you during your journey of life? Desist from doing so! You have the gall to question the Master plan that He has drawn out for you ? The irony is that you blame ‘He’ who has created you!You accuse Him of being careless and not taking adequate care of you! Have you ever thought for a second about His capabilities and compared them with yours ? Try making a grain of wheat ! Try creating a small finger! Can you do it ? You know you can’t. What you can certainly do is try to follow the path of ‘dhyaan’ , ‘gyaan’ and goodness – the spiritual path – that alone will make you realise that ‘parmatma’ is already seated in your heart and your foremost duty on becoming aware of this reality is to draw Him inside you , within you. When God sees your implicit trust in this path, He decides to guide you towards Him, free you forever from the cycle of life and death and finally makes you His.”

23 thoughts on “” There is a great difference between observing rituals and walking the spiritual path. Your aim should be to transition from a life steeped in rituals onto the path of spirituality – the only True path.”

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  1. Rituals perform significant role in our life,but ultimate goal should be spirituality.
    Very well elaborated message on transformation from ritual to spiritual.
    Jai Swami ji

  2. Humble pranam to lot Lotus feet of swamiji . Love you swamji . Thank you swamji for guiding me in every steps

  3. Swamiji ke charno mei koti koti naman. Thank you dear Swamiji for telling us this secret. The master of all only seeks our sincere calling and love. Thank you swamiji for your most valuable guidance. Om swami Shri Ajay Gurudevaya namah🙏🏽🌹🙏🏽🌹🙏🏽🌹🙏🏽

  4. Our creator knows what’s good for us
    We must have faith in him and try to remain connected to him by our good deeds and thoughts
    Thanks Swamiji for your guidance
    Pranaam Gurudev 🙏🏻

  5. Our God swami Ji is very kind to us thank you swami Ji for blessings our guru Bhai and guru sisters and new brigade of your gifted kids

  6. Swami ji satya hai
    The path of sprituality and to know the inside god.
    The golden vision to humanity.
    Koti koti naman swami ji

    Thank you very much

  7. Thank you Swamiji for enlightening all of us towards the path of divinity and spirituality 🙏

  8. Om gurudevo namaha. Swamiji ur teachings are ultimate. They have soo much of depth and learning I have no words to express my gratitude n sentiments towards you as u take Sooo much pain and care to enlighten us. How true it is God should be within us. God is truly prayed by a true Heart not by upper feelings. When I really pray with heart and dedication Swamiji always appears in my thoughts and I get a feeling he is sitting next to me.Before I start my day I always remember swamiji with true heart Every task of mine starts with him and the day also ends with him. He is my Guru, My God, my life, my Pranas.He is everything to me then rest of the things follow. I owe my gratitude to him. Thank you Swamiji for being there and showering ur blessings on each one of us, we are really blessed n fortunate to have u as a guru in our lives.

  9. Jai Gurudev
    Like Om Prakash ji has rightly said , we must evolve from ritual to spiritual.
    Rituals are ok for a beginning. After that we must move up and understand the real meaning of life and it lies only on knowing the spirituality.
    Om Swami Shri Ajay Guru Devaya Namah

  10. Thank you Swamiji again for enlightening us all on the ultimate truth of life.. That is to try, follow & focus on the path of ‘dhyaan’ , ‘gyaan’ and goodness – the spiritual path..🙏🙏🙏 Feeling blessed!!

  11. If Shiva puja is performed in grandeur but it lacks the purity of mind…is there any use of such puja? The ultimate goal of performing rituals is to merge with God. For that, one should strive for the said goal. As our beloved Swamiji said,
    Live for God n God alone. This is the way to have freedom and safety in this world. Outside of God there is no security. Realize you are His child. Each human being has to apply his own individual effort to get back to God. God can help you, Guru can help you, but only if you yourself are making the effort to find God. You can’t get money by watching someone else work. You have to work for it yourself. And only your working at finding God will take you to God. So, make your mightiest effort now. Reserve your nights for meditation. Meditate with undivided attention. Let there be no mockery of mechanical prayer. Give your soul to God. Then you will see that your life – every minute of it- becomes a magic existence.

  12. रोजाना की पूजा पाठ प्रभु के स्मरण का साधन है पर असल में पूर्णता तो तभी है जब प्रभु को अपने अन्तर में उतार लिया जाऐ। इसकी विधि तो गुरू से ही ज्ञात होती है। स्वामी जी की हम सब पर कृपा सदैव बनी रहे।
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।

  13. Moral – If your devotion is pure, then no need to visit temple.. Surrender yourself completely to almighty without any expectation and he will stand in front of you… however trust and touch the lotus feet of Guru to seek guidance for surrender and Guru will enable the spiritual path to be smoother and sooner to reach almighty.. Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

  14. Pranam Swamiji,
    Life with you has been very different ever since i met you…I only wish i had met you earlier in my life…
    Love you Swamiji..

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