“‘जीवन’ के मूल्य को समझो…इसे ‘व्यार्थ’ की ‘बातों’ में मत गवाओ…”

Swami ji's Sandesh… Swami ji said… "The persistent attempt to attend to the rigmarole of worldly affairs with poise and perfection ; the intense pressure and stress that we place on ourselves to build a better future, a better life - takes us further away from realising the 'fleeting' and 'fragile' nature of life. The... Continue Reading →

‘Divine Grace’

Swami ji said… " Life is God’s gift to us. It is an opportunity for the soul to reconnect with the ‘परमात्मा’; to realise and become aware of its origin and divine nature. At times,the trials and tribulations; highs and lows of life do make man see the futility of struggling in the material world,and,... Continue Reading →

Swami ji’s Sandesh… “जीवन में ‘अर्जुन’ ही नहीं, ‘अभिमन्यु’ भी बनना सीखो..”

“Jeevan mein 'Arjun' hi nahi , 'Abhimanyu' bhi banna seekho“ Swami ji said… "In the 'Mahabharat', 'Arjun' was destined to win against all his foes. Not only did Arjun possess unparalleled skills of a great archer ; but, he also had God - Shri Krishna, Himself, by his side and once his doubts were clarified... Continue Reading →

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