‘Divine Grace’

Swami ji said… " Life is God’s gift to us. It is an opportunity for the soul to reconnect with the ‘परमात्मा’; to realise and become aware of its origin and divine nature. At times,the trials and tribulations; highs and lows of life do make man see the futility of struggling in the material world,and,... Continue Reading →

Swami ji’s Sandesh… “जीवन में ‘अर्जुन’ ही नहीं, ‘अभिमन्यु’ भी बनना सीखो..”

“Jeevan mein 'Arjun' hi nahi , 'Abhimanyu' bhi banna seekho“ Swami ji said… "In the 'Mahabharat', 'Arjun' was destined to win against all his foes. Not only did Arjun possess unparalleled skills of a great archer ; but, he also had God - Shri Krishna, Himself, by his side and once his doubts were clarified... Continue Reading →

“हमारी ‘अच्छाई’ ही हमारी असली पहचान है।”

Swami ji said… "Society has always been trapped in the 'मोह-माया' of this illusionary world. Man is unable to perceive anything beyond what his physical senses tell him of the world. We are constantly chasing fortune and fame. These motivations take up different forms. For some, looking beautiful or handsome matters the most ; for... Continue Reading →

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