‘Divine Grace’

Swami ji said…

” Life is God’s gift to us. It is an opportunity for the soul to reconnect with the ‘परमात्मा’; to realise and become aware of its origin and divine nature. At times,the trials and tribulations; highs and lows of life do make man see the futility of struggling in the material world,and, make him look within; to explore his inner being,and, try to understand ‘what’ and ‘who’ ‘he’ is.”

“Yet, all this is rarely achieved by us on our own. Like sheep, we, too need a shepherd to guide us; to look over us and show us the way out of the miseries of the world. But, not all of us are lucky enough to be taken under the tutelage of great spiritual teachers and ‘gurus’, who can enlighten our minds and show us the path to peace and salvation. Many souls pass through life unguided and lost. They are bound in the endless cycles of life and death, until and unless, they are shown the way to attain liberation.”

” It thus becomes important to know – ‘How can we be worthy of ‘Divine Grace’? A few qualities that God looks for in us – are the abilities to walk on the ‘Right Path’ with sincerity; to self-analyse critically and honestly; and, make genuine efforts for self improvement.
It is, thus, truly miraculous that some fortunate ‘souls’ – considered worthy enough by God – are able to find, a ‘sadguru’, a ‘saccha sant’ to guide them on their spiritual journey. This is ‘ Divine Grace’ – in its most sacred form that is showered upon them by the ‘नीली छत्रीवाला’.”

“Nothing and nobody; neither creation, nature nor the universe can avert the meeting of a ‘guru-shishya’ in a particular lifetime – as they are destined to meet. Miracles take place when true and genuine feelings exist between a ‘guru’ and his devotee. A ‘guru’s’ heart melts on sensing the spiritual inclination and yearning; the devotion, purity and selflessness of a ‘saccha bhakt’ and, then, he, too, quenches the devotee’s thirst by focussing on purifying his ‘soul’ further ; opening his ‘chakshyu’…his eyes, and, awakening ‘consciousness’ within him.”

“ The Holy Bible says – ‘Blessed are the Pure in Heart, for they shall see God…’ and, thus , it becomes important for us to try and cleanse our hearts and minds of all negative thoughts and purify our ‘souls’,if, we truly seek ‘Divine Grace’. The pious and pure bond between a ‘guru – devotee ‘ can achieve the unachievable and an unbelievable transformation begins to take place in the devotee. A self realised ‘guru’s’ touch and teachings can bring about unprecedented
changes in a devotee’s ‘inner’ being and way of thinking. He becomes selfless, pure hearted and is filled with love for all as he prepares to enter the gateway of Heaven and merge with His Creator.”

” Life takes a completely different meaning when we experience the beauty of ‘Divine Grace’ – which is God’s Grace on us. His love and concern for us infuses us with an inner strength not possessed by us earlier ; when we surrender unconditionally to Him and His ways, knowing very well that His will only prevails. We finally begin to understand that what is happening in our lives had to only happen this way and thus – “हम ‘दुख’ में भी ‘सुख’ देखते हैं… ‘मुश्किलों’ से उभरना सीखते हैं और ‘मुसीबतों’ से हार नहीं मानते हैं…’ “

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  1. Gurudev”s Blessings, Divine Grace, the only essential in life which can serve all needs.

    Dhanyawaad Gurudev🙏🙏🙏

  2. हम ‘दुख’ में भी ‘सुख’ देखते हैं… ‘मुश्किलों’ से उभरना सीखते हैं और ‘मुसीबतों’ से हार नहीं मानते हैं…’

    Prabhu your Guidance is making our path easier. 🙏🙏

    Charan Sparsh 🙏🙏

  3. Aapki kripa bani rahe.. .aap ke charano mein hamara sheesh hamesha jhuka rahe.

    As the poem goes..
    “Dena ho to dijiye… Janam janam ka saath.. .”

    We miss u swamiji. .

  4. How beautiful!!!
    “Life takes a completely different meaning when we experience the beauty of ‘Divine Grace’ – “

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