‘ Jo honi hoti hai , woh hokay rehti hai ! ‘

Swamiji says …

” The veracity of these words cannot be denied, and they, undoubtedly, are true.The ‘karma’ of our past lives will quite certainly bear fruit in this lifetime, in the form of ‘sukha’ and ‘dukha’, and we will be subject to their taste ; ‘sweet’ or ‘bitter’ in one way or another.That is the inescapable law of the cosmos.”

“Yet, this principle of life is quite often misconstrued. We infer this message as one that says, that our fate is decided and sealed, and that we can do nothing about it further. At times, we truly believe that there is no point in trying to achieve anything in particular, as the outcome of our lives is already pre-decided and thus our efforts will go in vain.This leads us to live a life of resignation; of accepting anything that comes our way, with no zest and sense of direction.”

” But one must ask oneself – Did God create us to simply resign ourselves to our fate and do nothing to change the situation ? Unexpected situations and unpredictable circumstances should not throw us off balance and leave us shattered, to such an extent, that we stop doing good ‘karma’, and completely forget the main purpose of our life, which is to free oneself from the cycle of life and death.Should a gardener not tend to flowers just because they will wither one day ! Does a forest not grow due to the fear of a forest fire !”

“In essence, there are obstacles and unexpected circumstances that we will face in life which are pre-determined by our past actions. But, it is how we act and behave in the face of these obstacles, in these trying circumstances that matters the most now.”

“It is here that we need to remember that a life of ‘shudh bhakti’ ; pure devotion to God prepares us to face life’s greatest challenges with a smile. ‘Bhakti’ enlightens the mind, and an enlightened mind does not ‘suffer’; rather, it only observes the trying times that it is faced with, and acts in the best possible way that the situation demands. A man on being robbed off his wealth, and facing various financial difficulties, holds his past bad ‘karma’ accountable for his present plight. Yet, ‘shudh bhakti’ is what drives him, to dutifully keep working, and slowly, but surely, he will get back what he had lost. In such a case, convincing himself that he was meant to be poor in this lifetime, and, not trying to get back on his feet, would be a sure-shot way of ensuring a life of poverty for himself and his family.”

‘Jo honi hoti hai , woh hokay rehti hai , lekin uss samay agar hum haath par haath rakh kar na baithein, par achche ‘karma’ karte jaayein aur ‘sacchi bhakti’ se Ishwar ka dhyaan karein, toh kaafi baar honi tal bhi sakti hai ! Dard bhi kam ho jaata hai; honi bhi tal jaati hai aur woh samay bhi kat jaata hai !
‘Bhagwan’ mein apne vishwas ko jagao; apne andar ki shakti ko jagao ; nek ‘karam’ karo; apne vichar shubh rakho, ashubh nahi ! Sampoorna, ‘shudh bhakti’ ka hona bahut zaroori hota hai ! Apni bhakti aur vishwas ke dwaara Sati Savitri , apne mritya pati, ‘Satyavaan’ ko Yamraj se wapas liyayi thi ; toh socho ki tum bhi apni ‘shudh bhakti’ se kya nahi kar sakte ho ! ‘

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    1. How beautiful.
      Let’s remember how Swamiji has warded off our KASHTAS.
      It only shows what bhakti can achieve.
      We have no control on our past karmas. We can only improve our present karmas.
      So let’s concentrate on our present karmas , remembering that what we are facing is the result of past karmas and what we will face will be the result of our present karmas.
      Jai Gurudev

  1. ABSOLUTELY true!!! With achanchal bhakti on Sri Guru Charan, nirantar Hari naam jaap se ..one can change the tides of karm phal easily.
    We all know the innumerable instances where Swamiji changed His devotees’ adverse situations .
    All we need to do is, multiplying good and subtracting bad further in life.
    Om Swami Ajay Guru Devaay Namah!

    1. Om Gurudevo Namaha. I totally agree what has to happen eill happen ,bring eith Swamiji is slways a pleasure and his teachings are all basedvon our actions and Karma. I have experienced so many times the eorse of situations. Fir example i had got 40 percent of burn 6 years back on Diwali as my kurta had caught gire but by the time i was in the procedure of saving myself i burnt my back where not a single piece of skin was left ……..the story us very long.This incidence taught me lot of things As i had meet Swamiji the same morning He warned me so many times to be careful, but my misfortune thst i dint realized what he wanted to say.But after i was burnt and given first aid My daughter had already informed Swamiji.I told her its all his blessings that i meet him in the morning and took his blessings thats why i got saved.I told her this also why did bother Swamiji so late.As she got panicked as my husband was slso in USA..
      I told her Swamiji was already aware and he is the only one who saved me.It was nobidy elsec who saved my life this was my firm faith and conviction in him.
      Doctors had given me Morphine. I was in tremendous pain and agony what keept me going under immense surgery was faith on my Guru.i just took simple action of chanting his name in gratitude to save me and giving mevthe strength to bear the psin every moment. His photo on my phone,my faith in him and doing what he said (action) i kerpt on doing on daily basis that is to take action and to improve my karma,which meant deeds and actions of mine.Those 3 months were turning point in my life and i really learnt a lot, which i had not done till that stage.There was great Human Revolution in me and that was really a drastic changing pointbof life
      I thank my Swamiji for always teaching me wonderful tachings.which i really take a seriously in my life and slways imbibe in my life to become different from the world.
      Thankvyou Swamiji for always being with me It’s you who has taught me how to live a life full of blessings and gratitude.
      Jai Gurudevo Namaha.

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