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“Man, indeed, is a strange creature ! Warm and affectionate one moment; cold and cruel the very next. If he can love with all his heart; so can he hate from the very core of his being. And, there are those among us who quite simply love to hate! They happily opt to choose an emotion most negative, self-destructive; and laced with an arsenal of hatred, resentment and ‘ghrina’ set out on a mission to hate people! ‘

“‘Insaan ko apne mann se ‘ghrina’ ko nikal dena chahiye! Woh ‘ghrina’ apne andar liye phirta hai! Kabhi kisi se! Kabhi kisi se! Aur yehi ‘ghrina’ ussey ley doobti hai!’ Can nursing hatred for anyone ever be beneficial to us? Yet we refuse to learn and firmly fixate our dark, morbid hatred on one person; and when we are content with the silent or vocal outpour of loathing for him, we then determinedly move to target another person. An unnatural fixation of this kind can only be harmful and detrimental for us, and cause us to flounder in waves of decline and downfall that can only pull us down and make us sink in the sea of hatred on which we had set sail. But do we realise, regret and repent over this unpardonable, awful trait in us and try to change ourselves?”

“At times, our hatred for an individual could have no particularly logical or rational reason! But, yet, we carry the weight of these very unfriendly, negative emotions in a normal manner ; look at others with resentment, and before long it becomes easy for us to hate others. Blind hatred of this kind is mindless and can indeed be baffling! ‘Bematlab mein kisi na kisi ke prati joh ‘grihna’ woh apne dil mein basa kar rakhte hain, aur ussey badhate hi jaatey hain, woh ‘ghrina’ unhe ek din khud bhogni padh ti hai!” ‘

“At times there could be no plausible reason for one to hate the other person with the intensity with which he hates him! ‘Main uss insaan se nafrat karta hoon, ‘ghrina’ karta hoon!’ I hate that person! I can’t stand that person! The mere enunciation of these words from our mouth and thoughts filled with loathing and disgust for the other person ; convince us further, that we are justified in hating that person. And, strangely, this absurd, senseless and illogical reasoning, makes us feel strong and victorious, and adds further impetus, to the abhorrence and dislike that we hold for the other person!”

“The energy within us, which otherwise could have been utilized for positive and productive purposes; unfortunately by now is so well in sync with the negative flood of emotions within us, that it serves as fuel, to further feed the hate within us, just like oil being fed to a fire! The obsession to hate someone all the time, takes a person’s focus away from everything else…’Aur woh ‘ghrina’ ke andar hi khoya rehta ha !’ In such a state, one is oblivious to everything beyond his hatred!”

“Do you really think that you will be able to escape the consequences and repercussions of such wicked and evil thoughts? Whenever you spit towards the sky, it only falls back on you! Similarly, it is you who will hurt the most and suffer unbearably on nurturing such disturbing and vile thoughts. ‘ Insaan apne aap ko hi chot pahuncha deta hai doosron se grihna kar ke ! Uske saath hi durghatna ghat jaati hai!’ if he continues to deliberately embark on a rough mental journey of turbulent and tempestuous thoughts.”

“‘Apne mann ko achcha rakho, nirmal rakho aur sab ki achchai dekho! ‘ Let positive energy and love for all inundate your mind, heart, body and soul! Trust me, the results are blissful!”

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  1. True words Swamiji.. bitter pill to swallow but courage to imbibe will yield immense pleasure and benefits.. Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha….

  2. निर्मल मन जन सो मोहि पावा,
    मोहे छल कपट छिद्र न सुहावा.
    God also loves, the Once, with kind heart filled with affection and gratitude.

  3. Thanks Swamiji for coaching us so beautifully. Swamiji , you are our inner self.
    We must be conscious of the fact that the hatred that we nurture for others is detrimental only to us.
    Let’s start focusing on good qualities in that person and mitigate the hatred and start positive vibes towards him.

    Jai Gurudev

  4. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Its such a wonderful and enlightening message.We do so many mistakes in life unintentionally, but still Swamiji and God keeps on loving us.They knowingly about our actions also keep on loving us unconditionally. In the same manner we should ignore others mistakes and forgive them from our heart and soul

  5. Om Gurudevo Namaha .what a wonderful teaching .One should not forget that we allbare human beings and we tend to make mistakes in life or hurt with our words or actions,we donot do it with the intention to hurt anybody. At the same time if you apologies therevis no harm .when we hurt others by mistake there is no wrong intention this does not mean that the God will not love you or our dearest Swamiji will stop loving us and start hating us.In Swamijis teachings,gyan or whenever we use to meet,or when we speak he always says”merey dono hath tumharey sar pey” which means a lot to me.What he means is that where ever you are I will be with you.which is so touching as he takes care of so many of us who are associated with him.So why waste your energyvin HATING anybody
    My understanding after so many years of association with swamiji has changed my life why use your negative energy and spoil your life and energy in hating someone.We all have got one life where we have got a chance to improve our karma instead of ruining it .My thinking is that you can win a person’s heart by giving him love and dealing with compassion There is no one who is big or small .Hum sab uss Malik key bandey hai,and we all are so fortunate that we must have done some good Karma in our previous birth that in this life time we encountered Swamiji .Lucky are those who has encountered him So lets all put our efforts in spreading love and bring positivity in the world instead of hating each other and creating a destructive self and affecting the world.
    It is really beautiful message by our dear Swamiji, if you think deeply it causes ripples in my body,that how much enlightenment is there in his Saturday’s messages.There is no dirth of learning ifvyou are willing to do so.
    SWAMIJI is my Rakshak,Mither,father,brother,sister and My world begins with him and ends up with him only.
    JAi GURUDEVO Namaha.

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