‘ वर्तमान ‘

Swami ji said … Our fascination and obsession with everything expensive and exclusive that our eyes rest on - is clearly visible - as our talks and thoughts are dominated by ways and means of acquiring and possessing them. The more valuable and bankable our assets turn out to be and the weightier our bank... Continue Reading →


Swami ji said … God has been worshipped by man in some form or another ever since his evolution. Right since ancient time, mankind has always acknowledged that - a divine force - powerful and all pervasive has always been watching over us - and, to whom we would be accountable, to , in the... Continue Reading →


Swami ji said … The wheels of restlessness constantly turn within the mind - and they should,if, they were to do so in the pursuit of noble dreams or improvement of the self. But more often than not it is in - what the other is doing, what others are achieving that causes the brain... Continue Reading →

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