Swamiji says ... “At times, I ponder, whether we, as individuals, have given life its due, tried to understand its unpredictable nature - abounding with blessings and grace one moment, and bearing tragic tidings the very next; but, at the same time endowing us with a silent strength, to face completely contrasting occurrences, on a... Continue Reading →

“Dukh sukh”

Swamiji says .... " 'Jeevan', life - is a kaleidoscope of colours - at times, vibrant, bright and luminous; but dull, dark and grey the very next. It periodically makes us taste flavours - both bitter and sweet ; intoxicates us with the sweet fragrance of pleasure and joy, and then wakes us up from... Continue Reading →

‘Rishtey – naatey’

  Swamiji says ... ''The greatly treasured parent - child relationship ; the emotional bond that connects a child to his parent - its purity and beauty is indescribable; an emotion that cannot be put into words. Can we define the pure, divine love that a mother bears for her child ? Why does a... Continue Reading →

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