“Dukh sukh”

Swamiji says ….

” ‘Jeevan’, life – is a kaleidoscope of colours – at times, vibrant, bright and luminous; but dull, dark and grey the very next. It periodically makes us taste flavours – both bitter and sweet ; intoxicates us with the sweet fragrance of pleasure and joy, and then wakes us up from utopia, by emitting pungent smells, disliked and undesired by us – in the form of difficult situations. Life is a book, the chapters of which have a title, but its pages are to be filled in by each one of us, bearing in mind the ‘fruit’ that – every word said by us, action made by us, thought cultivated by us – will bear ; and also mirror the consequences of the ‘karma’ of our previous lifetimes.”

” ‘Humari karmabhoomi – jeevan mein, alag alag adhyaay hote hain, aur ‘dukh – sukh’ bhi humare jeevan ka ek adhyay hai.’ Happiness and sadness are two completely opposite emotions and shades that accompany us throughout our life – form a very relevant and essential chapter of our life – and have to be accepted and tackled by us with equanimity, maturity and tenacity; by neither allowing unhappiness – ‘dukh’ – in particular, to gain an upper hand on us and hold us at its mercy, nor by permitting ourselves to fall into the illusion that ‘sukh’- material or physical happiness will always stay with us.”

“But, yes, that which is in a state of constant happiness – our soul – is unaffected by joy or gloom ! ”

“Life is a baggage of mixed emotions. Elation and excitement could make us deliriously happy one moment ; disenchantment and dejection could make us vulnerable, weak and helpless, the very next. Each moment brings with it something new – completely unexpected and unanticipated – something out of the blue, and we either bask in the warm glow of happiness or suffer silently – blanketed in layers of disappointment and sorrow when something contrary to our expectations takes place, leaving us shell- shocked and dismayed. ‘Aur tab humein dukh-sukh ka ehsaas hota hai !”

” ‘Dukh-sukh’…
Don’t these two words complement and complete each other perfectly ? One follows the other quietly, in a silent, tacit understanding; exhibiting mutual respect for the other, all the while aware that both will enter and exit, at varying intervals of our life. They make way and space for one another, in perfect synchronization, waltzing in and out of our life, at the destined time.”

“Dukh, sukh’ – dono ka ehsaas hona bahut zaroori hai, kyunki dono humein kuch sikha ke jatey hain. Dukh hai toh sukh bhi aaega… Dukh nahi aaega, toh sukh ka ehsaas kaise hoga…Thoda kasht, dukh bhi aana chahiye !”

“It is the stark contrast between ‘dukh’ and ‘sukh’ that has made us sensitive to the difference between them, and makes us rejoice when we are blessed with ‘sukh’ – peace and prosperity – ‘aur uss sukh mein humein anand praapt hota hai.’ At the same time, an overdose of ‘sukh’ also brings boredom as one’s platter spills over with too much of everything good in life. And, then ‘dukh’ brings along with it, new, unforeseen challenges. No one is spared from experiencing circumstances and situations related with both – ‘dukh-sukh’! Be it ‘a raja’ or ‘ a ‘runk’ – both, will see time and tide, either ‘rise in their favour’ or ‘set against them’, time and time again, during their lifetime. One who says that he will remain untouched by unhappiness or ‘dukh’ is living in a fool’s paradise …’ Woh andh – vishwas mein jee raha hai! ”

“Once we accept that ‘Dukh-sukh’ humare jeevan ke do kinare hain, jissey humein guzarna hai’ – are a part and parcel of our life, and grow familiar with the fact that the sky above us will not always remain overcast with ominous grey clouds that loom large and threateningly over us; but will move away and allow rays of sunshine and happiness to brighten our life once again – the journey of life becomes easier to traverse through…’ Har cheez badalti hai, aur dukh – sukh bhi badal jaate hai. ‘Dukh’ – unhappiness will make way for ‘sukh’ – happiness, and vice-versa !”

“But the moot question is – Why do we find it difficult to accept ‘dukh’ – a few obstacles and hardships? Why do we allow our problems to assume gargantuan proportions in our mind? Why do we blame God for the pain and suffering that we have to endure? Why do we rant and rave against everyone and everything possible? Why blame our ‘kismet’, our fate, and hold them responsible for the spate of problems which we feel we’ve been inundated with, for no fault of ours? Yet, it is the very same us who embrace ‘sukh’, happiness and everything that is associated with, our well – being and prosperity, without any hesitation – cling tightly to it, afraid, lest it slip away from our hands !”

“Give it a serious thought. Would not life plateau and become monotonous ‘agar sukh hi sukh hota’ – if everything was perfect and hunky dory with us ! Would we not miss out on facing challenges, rising to demanding issues, developing an iron-will and emerging triumphant, after overcoming all odds! How would we evolve and grow otherwise? ‘Jab ‘farishton’ aur ‘devon’ ko bhi kasht uthana pada hai prithvi par, toh insaan dukh – sukh se kaise untouched reh sakta hai!’ ”

“Remember, the few odd times when we were incapacitated, suffered with body ache and shivered with fever, wishing fervently that the worst was over ! We longed for those days of illness to pass by quickly, and couldn’t wait to feel strong and healthy once again…’Dukh-sukh jeevan ka ek hissa hai! Humein dukh – sukh ko, Bhagwaan ka diya hua prasad samajh kar grahan karlena chahiye !’ “

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  1. So very true,dukh always teaches us every time some important aspects of life!!!!
    Om Shri Swami Ajaye Gurudevaye Namah 🙏🙏💐💐

  2. Once again Swamiji has graced us with His wisdom. This message guides us to tackle Dukh – Sukh.
    Jai Gurudev

  3. Param. Priya aiwam param. Pujaya swamiji. .

    Aap ka saath rahey .. Har rasta kat jayega.
    Jeewan sudhar jayega.
    Jo achha nahi lagta woh bhi saha jayega.

    Lekin aap ka pyaar. .. Bas wahi ek shakti. Ek. Mithaas. .nirantar behtar rahe.. .

    Tumhaara pyaar..
    Chahiye. .

    Mujhe jeene ke liye..

    Love you swamiji

  4. Dear Swamiji, embrace us during difficult times; guide us in testing situations; enable us to learn and appreciate almighty for providing us maturity to overcome those situations… Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha..

  5. Sukh aur dukh are like two dots on a moving wheel, which crosses the path one after the other repeatedly. People get happiness when their wish is fulfilled. But, where from this happiness is coming? Definitely not from the thing that they wanted. If it were so, then the happiness should be there atleast till the thing exists. But it is never the case, we all experience. In fact, the happiness is coming from within. We are the Sat Chit Anand Swaroopi Atma. Brahman, the indivisible Existence- Knowledge-Bliss Absolute. The happiness that we get after fulfilling our wish is a fraction of that Absolute Anand. People should strive for that Anand Swaroop. Then there is no dukh, no temporary sukh. Only permanent Sat Chit Anand. To whom one should go for this Anand? Jiske paas bahut dhan hai, usi ke paas dhan maangne log jaate hai. Like wise, who ever possess that Sat Chit Anand Swaroop, we should go to Him for that Anand. So, take refuge in sachche sant, our dear Swamiji’s lotus feet for permanent Bliss. That is the only remedy to cross the bhav sagar full of sukh dukh.
    The darkness of mind disappears when God is realized.

  6. सुख और दुःख दर्पण में बने एक दूसरे के प्रतिबिम्ब हैं।इनमें से कोई एक है तभी दूसरे का अस्तित्व है अन्यथा ये दोनों ही हमारे जीवन के भाग न होते।दुःख तो हमारा सच्चा साथी है,वही हमारी हम्हीं से पहचान कराता है।
    स्वमी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।

  7. Joys abd sorrow goes hand in hand and are a part of our life. By Swamiji’s grace we are able to overcome our difficult times. Thank you Swamiji for being always with us showering your blessings and giving us strength and stability.
    Pranaam Gurudev 🙏🏻

  8. Om Gurudevo Namaha.Thank you Swamiji for adding one more feather of knowledge in our caps.what a beautiful rather enlightening message. Sorrow and joy are part of life.As we all have heard.”Every cloud has a silver Lining In the same manner “Winter also always turn to spring “.All times are not alike.If we don’t Experience Dukh so how we will appreciate Sukh.How we will know what is happiness.untill we have gone through Dukh.Both things are necessary and then they go hand in hand.It is human nature that one doesnot accept sufferings so easily because they are only used to see and live happily. SUFFERINGS are like as if the sky has fallen on us As human beings we panic and make a huge cry over it.During this period of lockdown I have meditated a lot lot,and realized sufferings come to us because of our past Karmas,our thoughts and our deeds.Ot does not come by chance.In the same manner when we meditate and think positively.we start changing the cycle of our life and start learning that happiness and sufferings go hand in hand.If today we are happy is because of our causes and positivity within us.Being children of Swamiji I have always taken life as it comes.Whenever it is required Swamiji is always there to guide us ,take care of us always.He is a compassionate Guru to show us all the right direction to walk on. It is our choice .With so much knowledge that he has imparted to us always ,whenever we meet him or through his Sandesh. I have gained a lot of spiritual enlightenment. Which has changed my thinking process as a human being.
    Budha once said “Suffer what is to suffer and Enjoy what ever is to Enjoy”.
    So let’s not make our “Dukh”so important and complicated as “Sukh:will definitely follow with the blessings of our devine Swamiji.
    Prabhu kripa karna aur aisey hi marg dikhatey rehna.please keep Showering your blessings on each and everyone of us.
    Jai Gurudev.

  9. Sukh dukh to ek hi sikke ke do pahlu h
    Sukh hoga tabhi dukh ka Anubhav hoga Dukh hoga tabhi sukh ka Anubhav hoga
    Yahi jeevan ki reet hai…
    Pranaam Swami Ji 🙏🙏

  10. Dukh sukh are like sweetness and sourness in our food.
    Both are essential.
    So enjoy life in this perspective .
    Pranam Swamiji 🙏

  11. वक्त गुजरते देर नहीं लगती, दुख सुख आते जाते रहेंगे, सवामीजी की जय

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