“Prakriti se prem karo… “

Swamiji says …

” ‘I am going for a walk. I want to play outside. We are going to a hill station !’ We’ve grown up garbling these words indistinctly in our dotage, impatiently in our childhood and firmly in our yonder years. The magnetic pull of Nature inviting us to venture beyond the restricted, limited confines of our homes ; be it a garden, a park or a natural reserve is irresistible and looked forward to, by all of us. The unmistakable, urgent need to get connected with Nature, calls out to each one of us, as though tempting us to see its marvels from close quarters and rejoice in the beautiful creations that it holds in its womb.The excitement at being outdoors, be it in a pram, as an infant , or , in a wheel-chair during the sunset years of one’s life is the same.”

“Crisp, fresh air; vivid colours; intoxicating fragrances of flowers and Mother Earth; the magnificent spectacles that the eyes behold, in the open, leave us spellbound at ‘prakriti’s’ divine plan ! But do we respect and love Nature the way it should be loved by us? Do we give Mother Nature its due? Remember, she is the escape route that we opt for whenever we are stressed or unwell, and, gladly head for a change of scene to different picturesque destinations.”

” ‘Jiss prakriti ne, humey sab kuch diya hai … uss prakriti se prem karna seekho! Prakriti kitni sunder hai, uski sundarta mein , uski divyta ki anubhuti mein anand lo, aur uss anand ko apne andar utaro! Joh insaan prakriti se prem karega, woh khud se bhi prem karega!’ – and the realisation of this love makes us appreciate and  love others around us in a similar manner. Seeing is believing and thus we eagerly cross continents to experience, first hand, Nature’s stamp of creativity on its magnificent creations.The love and gratitude that inundates our mind, body and soul for Nature, should also make us extremely conscious, aware and responsible about the irreparable consequences that can be caused at attempting to damage the fragile, delicate and divine soul of Nature.”

“And why shouldn’t our response to Nature be such ? After all, it is the submission of the five elements of our body; saluting the five elements with which our Creator has crafted every wonder of Nature, and, we instinctively respond to the Divinity in which Nature is bathed with reverence.”

” ‘Prakriti ki har ek cheez ki sundarta ka lufta uthao! Utsahit ho!Nature’s beauty fills our heart with pleasure and has the amazing ability to lift and light up the most depressed minds and spirit. Convalescence in the lap of nature has always shown miraculous results.Seeing flowers of different colours, emitting varied fragrances, bloom and admiring their beauty makes us realise …’ Sab jeev, sab insaan achche hain ! Hum mein koi farak nahi hai aur sab ko hi khoob sukh aur khushiyan milni chahiye ! Humari soch sab ke liye achchi aur nek honi chahiye !’ “

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  1. So true. Nature indelibly reminds us of the beauty that lies within and hence makes us fall in love with ourselves. Thank you swamiji for pointing at the beauty that lies within. Om swami shri Ajay gurudevaya namah🌹🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼🌹

  2. “Lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu”
    Let’s love nature including all the creatures (animate as well as inanimate) within this natureand redeem our lives thereby.
    Pranam Swamiji 🙏

  3. In every walk in with the nature you receive more than what you seek. Take care of your nature in whatever small ways that you can do.

    Thank you Swamiji for this wonderful message.

    Grateful as always.

  4. Pranam swamiji..

    Apna ashorwad banaye rakhein, in khoobsurat shabdon aur vani me, ham sab par.


  5. Om Gurudevo Namaha.Very beautiful message and it is written so beautifully. Nature is one of the most beautiful and powerful source created by God.Nature plays a very important role in our lives.Swamiji’s sandesh has revived my memories of childhood and adolescence.Since my childhood i have been always admirer of nature.While traveling the moving sky and the moon at night use to fascinate me,i had thousands of queries while i use to watch the sky while sitting and observing it.At that time i had no Guru to guide me.Today I am so fortunate and lucky that i have Swamiji in my life since last 27 years who’s been only answering my queries. He has taught me how to live in every situation and appreciate every moment I am really greatful to him who has been enlightening all of us and appreciate everything. I believe if we appreciate nature and love it with all our heart and soul.It reallly reciprocates back in some way or the other.May it be anything. I am greatful to Swamiji for such an enlightening message and reminding me of so many things.
    I owe my gratitude to Swamiji for always guiding us.
    Jai Gurudevo Namaha.

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