Swamiji’s Sandesh

My blessings and warm wishes to all of you on a day as auspicious as today. Have unswerving faith in your 'Guru' and His words. Once He has accepted you as His, He is always by your side. Treat your fellow-beings as your equals and respect the dignity of every individual. Extend a helping hand... Continue Reading →

Diwali Message

May this festival of lights illuminate each one of you with positivity, optimism, hope and happiness. As you light 'diyas' at your home today, allow their light to dispel the darkness of negativity, pessimism, fear and frustration that resides within you. Identify with the light of the lamps. Remember, your soul is nothing but light.¬†Absorb... Continue Reading →

“Dharmacharan” – The Noble Path

Dharmacharan Swamiji says that the denizens of the world practice different religions. One's religion is known the very moment one takes birth. It behoves a person to follow the tenets of his religion sincerely and, since the essence of all religions is one and the same ...to walk the path of honesty and goodness ...... Continue Reading →

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