“Dharmacharan” – The Noble Path


Swamiji says that the denizens of the world practice different religions. One’s religion is known the very moment one takes birth. It behoves a person to follow the tenets of his religion sincerely and, since the essence of all religions is one and the same …to walk the path of honesty and goodness … he should do so with determination and great resolve.

The golden principles of one’s religion … truthfulness, honesty and integrity … can, and should inspire him to lay the foundation of his life based on similar sound values.

The teachings of one’s religion… equality of mankind, faith and devotion in God, to live in an honest manner and to be truthful… educate him to realise that his sacred duty is to understand, imbibe and implement the instructions of his religion and follow the Noble Path with belief and zeal.

Hindi version:Swamiji says… 8.0

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  1. Excellent and very very meaningful message by our Swamiji.

    🙏🙏🙏ॐ स्वामीजी श्री अजय गुरूदेवाऐ नम: 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Swamijis teachings are at the core of every religion, maybe thats why he is dear to one and all who meets him. His loving smile and warm welcome charms everyone who sets his eyes on him. Thank you for teaching not only through words but also through you living and loving example Swamiji. Thank you for everything. Humble and loving pranaams🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼🌹

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