Swami ji’s Sandesh …

Faith, confidence, conviction - enable us to push ourselves and achieve more than we might have ever dreamed of. विश्वास - trust in oneself, trust in a higher power, trust in God - is empowering and makes us move forward in even the darkest moments of life. It uplifts us in times of failure and... Continue Reading →

” ‘मन’ और ‘मकान’ – दोनो ही साफ और स्वच्छ होने चाहिए …”

Swami ji said… Festivals are associated with joyful celebrations, gaiety, fun, laughter and cleanliness. A whole lot of detailed planning goes into the manner in which festivals are celebrated; the offerings that will be made to God; dishes that will be cooked; the gifts that will be exchanged; the outfits that will be worn ;... Continue Reading →


Swami ji said … The best of us make mistakes. It is completely natural to err and impossible to live a life free of mistakes. The wise words of our elders - हम अपनी गलतियों से सीखते हैं - hold a wealth of meaning. The truth in their words has been proven time and time... Continue Reading →

“प्रसन्नता धन एकत्रित करने मे नहीं, बल्कि त्यागने मे होती है …”

Swami ji said … Society places a high price on happines. Very often it mistakenly equates material and worldy success for happiness. It is felt that without the former the latter cannot exist. This is why we are constantly looking for ‘happiness’ in the external. A new car, a promotion, salary increment , a new... Continue Reading →

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