Swami ji’s Sandesh …

Faith, confidence, conviction – enable us to push ourselves and achieve more than we might have ever dreamed of. विश्वास – trust in oneself, trust in a higher power, trust in God – is empowering and makes us move forward in even the darkest moments of life. It uplifts us in times of failure and despair. One with true faith is like an eternal beacon of light – no amount of darkness can cast a shadow on his optimism and belief in emerging triumphant – one fine day. No obstacles, no hiccups, no losses can truly put down one with faith in his heart. Faith, thus, can truly move mountains…’ हमारा विश्वास पर्वत को भी हिला सकता है…’

However, a person filled with dubiety and suspicion, forms self – imaginative mountains of troubles and problems, even when there are none visible to the naked eye. To such a person – danger lies in every nook and corner ; deceit and fraud roam the streets ; there is no opportunity that is not a hidden scam ; and to make matters worse, there is no person who is trustworthy and reliable. In such a person’s world, even a walk in the park becomes a mountain to scale. Thus, we need to be watchful and cautious, as the heart that is filled with faith in itself – of being sure to move mountains and achieve the impossible ; that very heart can be knotted up with suspicion, doubt and mistrust and create misery for itself …’ जिस प्रकार हमारा विश्वास पहाड़ों को हिला सकता है …उसी के विपरीत मन की शंका दुख का पहाड खड़ा कर सकती है।’

It thus becomes important to develop faith – in God and in ourselves. We must learn to truly believe that we are worthy, capable. We must choose to see goodness in the world and believe that good things will happen to us too. Every action must be done with the hope that the best will result from it, and if not – then the best is only yet to come. It is not that failures will not occur – they are bound to occur even in the lifetime of the supremely confident. But those with a positive, winning outlook will only learn from those failures and better themselves for the times ahead; while those with a negative, suspicious outlook will only feel vindicated in their scepticism and qualms – furthering them away from any sort of growth and success in life.

In the ‘Ramayana – suspicion borne by the common folk of Ayodhya regarding Ma Sita’s piousness, resulted in Her being sent to the forest. Inspite of knowing that Ma Sita had passed the ‘agni pariksha’ – the doubt that had started gnawing the people’s mind, only blinded them further, and led them to commit a great travesty.The darkness of suspicion prevented them from seeing that their Queen was Goddess Lakshmi herself. Suspicion brought them sorrow, whereas, in comparison, when Shri Ram set out for Lanka – with faith in God , ‘guru’ and in himself – to rescue Ma Sita from Ravan – He returns to Ayodhya triumphant after killing the demon king.

A seeker of The Truth ; of God – should remain undaunted by the challenges and changes that await him as he walks the spiritual path and instead focus on his jap, tap, dhyan ; follow his ‘dharma’; place himself and his faith in his Creator Hands and see divine magic unfold before his eyes as He blesses him with His divine ‘darshan’.

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  1. Trust in oneself, trust in a higher power, trust in God …..they are all synonyms.
    Vishwas can move mountains.
    The opposite also can create imaginary mountains of non existent troubles.
    Thanks our dear eternal Swamiji for our continued guidance.

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