“It is unswerving faith, belief and ‘bhakti’ in God alone, that makes a person strong.” ” ‘Bhakti’ mein ‘shakti’ hai ‘ ‘Bhakti’ se hi ‘shakti’ aati hai …”

Swamiji says… “All of us have undergone that delightful, memorable phase in our childhood, when we were introduced to our Creator - God, by our elders. They showed us fascinating and awe - inspiring pictures and idols of various Gods and Goddesses …and taught us to fold our hands in respect and say 'Jai' to... Continue Reading →

” Learn to receive, accept and handle appropriately … the blessings that are bestowed upon you by God…a ‘sachcha sant’… and your elders… with grace and gratitude. Their blessings definitely fructify, once,in your lifetime. This is the Absolute Truth. “

Swamiji says … " We become the receiver of God's blessings and His responsibility from the moment our mother conceives us in her womb. This life that he gifts us with is a blessing from Him…and He showers His blessings on us, in abundance … from that very moment in various ways … by ensuring... Continue Reading →

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