” Yeh sansaar ‘ashanti’ ka sagar hai … paruntu humey ‘shaant’ rehna chahiye…”

Swamiji says ….

” We love the world in which we live as we look upon it as our home…Love its dynamic nature, the ever- changing element of surprise that it stumps us with … its colours , the fragrances that it exudes , the different seasons that it makes us experience…the people we meet as we grow and evolve…and we love to live in it. “

” However, at the same time, it would do us good to remember that it is this very world that is the cause…the reason … for the moments of disquiet , turbulence and unhappiness that come our way. When Nature and Mother Earth too accept the changes that The Creator has designed for them … one moment the Earth is all still and silent …the very next moment tremors of a roaring earthquake can cause unbelievable destruction … one minute the placid ocean invites us to swim and surf on it … the very next moment , gigantic killer waves rise from the ocean and devour everything that stand in their way. Can we mere mortals then, feign ignorance to the reality that we will remain untouched , unscathed… by the ‘changing times’ that we will undoubtedly face… as we wade through our journey of life. The ever -changing world … the ‘not in our control’ circumstances… successful or failed relationships with people we live with and meet …
untimely death of loved ones… intrinsic and extrinsic changes…
worsening nature and temperament … physical infirmities of old age …become a major cause of grief, sorrow and unhappiness for us.”

” It is possible that , today , one could be at the peak of his career … climbing the ladder of success with sure footedness. He has a beautiful family … and shares moments of pure joy and laughter with them and is living a wonderful life … enjoying all comforts of life… when all of a sudden life takes an unexpected turn … for the worse and he ends up losing all that was precious to him. He is devastated and breaks down completely as he sees no sign of getting his life back on track ever again. Believe me, this is not the case! Time can never remain the same for any one of us. If you meet happiness… moments of unhappiness too will visit you, simultaneously. One day , sorrow will be replaced by joy. It is if, and when, you are faced with a situation like this that you must remember … the traumatic phase that you are facing will not last forever. It will be an event of the past after some time. It has to pass. It will pass. Never forget the words…’The world in which we live is an ocean of turbulence … and we must learn to face ‘dukh’ … ‘unhappiness’…
and ‘sukh’…’happiness’ with equanimity …not wallow and submerge in grief … and although it could be difficult , you must have enduring faith … remain undaunted… certain and sure that you will not give up hope… that things will work out fine once again…and you will see things happening that way shortly.”

” A poor , wretched man living in abysmal conditions could one day be awakened with the good tidings that he is the winner of a million dollar lottery. Such things do happen. Doesn’t everything change for him overnight…his condition , his position !”

” Why didn’t Lord Mahavir and other true saints …’sachche sant’ … continue to live here ? They gave up this ‘world’ in order to attain enlightenment. Didn’t Lord Buddha renounce the ‘world’ on seeing people die and suffer with sickness ? Life becomes simpler to understand … when we learn to receive both …’dukh’ and ‘sukh’ as ‘prasad’ given to us by Him… with a sense of acceptance and thankfulness .”

32 thoughts on “” Yeh sansaar ‘ashanti’ ka sagar hai … paruntu humey ‘shaant’ rehna chahiye…”

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  1. We are sailor in this ocean of dukh sukh, the tides, waves of happiness and sorrow will always be there, so better is to live with them.
    Jai Swami ji

  2. We should never give up in any situation.
    प्रणाम स्वामीजी 🙏🏻

  3. The SANSARIC dukh and sukh become become meaningless when we are able feel the presence of God everywhere and in every situation. This come only through GURUDEV’s Grace
    Jai Gurudev..

  4. Moral – try to enjoy while being happy and fight against odds at bad times… have complete faith in Guru and God, you will eventually overcome all your sorrows… thank you so much Swamiji for imbibing persistence in us…. Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

  5. Swamiji.
    Thankyou so much..
    As if it was being written for me, this sandesh..
    Thanks for helping me Wade through this time..
    Pranam and love again..

  6. Very true! Thanks Swamiji for teaching us such important lesson of life.
    Om Shri Swami Ajay Gurudevaye Namah 🙏🙏🙏

  7. 🙏 Sukh and Dukh are part and parcel of everyone ‘s life and one should have the strength and will power to tide over the difficult phase of life. Time flies and so is the Dukh period.
    Thanks Swamiji for sharing pearls of wisdom.

  8. Very true
    Dhanyawad swamiji hamesha sahi Marg per Hamsab ko sada chalne ke liye samay samay per Marg dikhane ke liye
    Pranam swamiji

  9. 🙏 very enlightening! Sukh and Dukh are part and parcel of one’s life and both periods are temporary in nature. As rightly said it is similar to the changing seasons and we have to adjust ourselves to these changes of nature. Bottom line is time flies and so would the dukh period. Stay cool and shaanth and worst will tide over.

  10. Very true Swamiji. Sukh and Dukh are just like seasons where we humans have to adjust to changes and accordingly live with it . These different seasons are periodic and temporary just like Sukh and Dukh !

  11. संसार है इक नदिया, सुख दुःख दो किनारे है ।
    न जाने कहाँ जाये, हम बहते धरे हैं ।
    इसी में जीना है, आशावादी बनकर रहना है ।

  12. It is very much true that if Mother Nature has ups and downs, then what to say about humans? But as Swamiji has assured us that nothing is permanent in this world, not Dukh not Sukh.
    Someone said rightly, शान्ति पाने की कोशिश मत करें,अशांति को सवीकार कर लें -आप शान्त हो जायेंगे ।
    If you think deeply, it’s all the play of mind, nothing else. As Swamiji said if we learn to receive both sukh and dukh as God’s Prasad, there won’t be any problem in life.
    Swamiji is always there to guide us in all situations. Pranams to Swamiji. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  13. Om gurudevo namaha.atti sundar msg.its an eye opener.with swamijis grace n blessings he has really trained me to take life as it comes.i take sukh n dukh very possitively,as swamiji has taught me n has given me the strength To bear everything.He n he only knows how i have learnt to gain happiness in all the situations.it is his kripa n blessings that what i am today is just bcoz of him.se all must learn from his teachings.i am blessed to have him as my guru.love u swamiji for giving me sooo much of love as my mother.pranam gurudev.

  14. भगवान श्री कृष्ण ने श्रीमद्भगवतगीता में अर्जुन से कहा कि हर स्थिति में स्थिर प्रज्ञ होना चाहिए। स्वामी जी ने बड़े सहज व आसान से शब्दों में हमें बताया कि इस उथल पुथल संसार में सम भाव से स्थिर रहना है।
    स्वामी जी को प्रणाम है।

  15. To cherish, enjoy and live the happy moments in life, the mind requires no training as the response to such a situation is inherent in a human being. It’s only to endure the sorrow phase that one’s mind needs to be thoroughly trained by abundant and right spiritual sadhana supported by the Guru’s grace.
    Pray to swamiji to equip all of us to be prepared to face any adversity in life.
    Pranam Swamiji

  16. If we can cherish each moment without being judgemental and attached to good or bad scenes in this movie of life, a wonderful self will emerge like our guide “Swamiji”

  17. All of us face difficulties or hardships at some point in our lives. But then if life wasn’t difficult, then it wouldn’t be worth living. When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. We must accept finite disappointment but we must never lose infinite hope.
    Thank you Swamiji for your guidance, always.

  18. Pranam Swami Ji.. Your blessings give us the strength to face any situation in life with grit, determination and a smile.

  19. pranaam swamiji sukh and dukh go hand in hand with swamijis blessing i have learnt to deal with both the things.
    swamiji keep on showering your blessings on us the way you have. een doing 🌷🌷

  20. swamiji you have been an inspiration in our lives thanks for showing me the right path to attain happiness and forget my sorrows
    pranaam swamiji

  21. Pranam Swami ji. Sukh mai Simran sab kare dukh mai Kare na koye jo Sukh mai Simran kare tho dukh kahe ka hoye.

  22. swamiji you have been an inspiration in our lives thanks for showing me the right path to attain happiness and forget my sorrows pranaam swamiji

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