Pray for “Sukh”, “Shanti”, & “Samridhi” as you welcome Lord Ram, Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha on Diwali

In Spanish Oren por "bendiciones", "paz" y "progreso" al dar la bienvenida a Lord Ram, la Diosa Laxmi y Lord Ganesha en Diwali In French Priez pour les "bénédictions", la "paix" et le "progrès" en accueillant Seigneur Ram, la déesse Laxmi et le Seigneur Ganesha à Diwali In Japanese ディワリ祭で主ラム、女神ラクシュミ、主ガネーシャを歓迎し、「祝福」、「平和」、「進歩」を祈ります Diwari-sai de shu ramu, megami... Continue Reading →


In Spanish Vida In French La vie In Japanese 生活 Seikatsu In Arabic الحياة alhaya Swamiji says … " 'Jeevan woh hi achcha hai jis mein tum doosron ke liye bhi sochte ho !' Do you ever realize how blessed you are to have taken birth …'manushya yoni mein' … in the form of a... Continue Reading →

“Man’s life and future is determined by the manner in which he thinks – by his optimistic , self – motivating thoughts ! “‘Insaan ka bhavishya waise hi banta hai jaise uski soch hoti hai … “

Swamiji's Sandesh … Swamiji says … " Thoughts, ideas , impressions and reflections arise in your mind all the time. Tens, hundreds and thousands of them ! Some good , some not too good, while some abominable and damaging thoughts , too , make their way into the inner recesses of the mind , each... Continue Reading →

Swamiji’s Sandesh… “Appreciation is beneficial if it enables a person to lead a principled life and motivates him to opt for the path of honesty and humility. Appreciation becomes meaningless if it makes him arrogant and proud.” ” Appreciation … ‘prashansa’ tab achchi hai jab woh insaan ko apne pe ‘abhimaan’ karne ki bajai … ‘nek raaste’ par aur ‘sachche aadarsh’ ki ore le jaati hai.”

In Spanish "El aprecio es beneficioso si permite a una persona llevar una vida basada en principios y lo motiva a optar por el camino de la honestidad y la humildad. El aprecio no tiene sentido si lo hace arrogante y orgulloso". In French "L'appréciation est bénéfique si elle permet à une personne de mener... Continue Reading →

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